Kumud does not like the houses shown by an agent. Saraswatichandra tells Kumud that Prashant was leering at her. Ghuman learns that Kabir had asked the astrologer to tell nice things about Kusum and Danny because Kumud was aware of her conspiracy. Sanjana denies knowing Saraswatichandra. Danny finds the grocery in Mr. Saraswatichandra becomes unconscious after using the deodorant. Prashant hides Saraswatichandra’s phone.

Saraswatichandra challenges Kumud that he will see her face before the nightfall on Uttarayan. He almost drowns in the lake. Kumud manages to retrieve Danny’s phone from Prashant’s house. Kumud becomes suspicious of Prashant. A stranger tells Kumud that he will take her to Ghuman. Kusum informs Saraswatichandra that Kajal might know about Jugnu’s whereabouts.

Saraswatichandra convinces Kumud to spend the night in the balcony. Kumud decides to tell Saraswatichandra that she has seen Kabir and Ghuman together, but in vain. Prashant tells Saraswatichandra that Kumud was feeling bored at home, hence he had taken her for shopping.

Eipsode and Majnu bring Rs. She challenges Saraswatichandra to rescue Kabir.

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Danny decides to tell Saraswatichandra about his new project, after his meeting. He becomes relieved on seeing Saraswatichandra in his hideout. Kabir provokes Danny and Kusum to fight with each other. They suspect the security guard of the school on finding the key of the storeroom with him.


Meanwhile, Ghuman plans to get rid of Saraswati Chandra, so that her son, Danny, can take over Laxminandan’s wealth. Topic is a specific subject of discussion. Anushka informs the Desai sarzswatichandra that Kabir proposed to her, but she rejected his proposal.

Prashant replaces Saraswatichandra’s deodorant

Anushka tends to him. He takes Kumud to Sanjana’s house. Sunanda drops her mobile phone in water. But, Ela stops her son from eating the mango. Saraswatichandra arranges for Rs.

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She lies to Saraswatichandra as she has failed to find evidence against Kabir. Badi maa tends to him as he comes home wet after almost drowning in the lake. Kabir, Danny and Anushka decide to leave for Mumbai. Vidyachatur decides to punish Kalika after Saraswatichandra and Kumud’s return.

Anushka postpones her departure as she fails to find her project report. Kumud likes the food, cooked by Saraswatichandra, and forgives him. Saraswatichandra engages the security guard outside the school, while Danny and Kabir install a spy camera in the storeroom.


Saraswatichandra notices Kumud, and chases the car.

Kalika informs the Desai family that she had lied about Danny. She records Ghuman and Menaka’s conversation. Kumud becomes sad on seeing Saraswatichandra’s condition. Vidyachatur assures Sundarba that he will transfer the episodd in Yash’s name at the right time. Kabir and Anushka misunderstand each other’s gestures.

She plans not to show her face to him as he had rejected her without seeing her. Kabir informs them that he had hit Laxminandan with his car, deliberately.

She captures Kumud, and locks her in a room. Kumud and Prashant admit Saraswatichandra to the hospital. Saraswatichandra enquires the shopkeeper and suspects that Kumud might be in Sundarnagar. Kabir dreams that Anushka is leaving for Mumbai.