Kumud rebukes Prashant for the same. She humiliates Yash, and regrets for marrying him. Later, Kalika borrows Rs. Menaka informs Ghuman that Kabir has released her. Anushka persuades Kabir to apply medicine on his wound. Prashant asks Kumud to help him in purchasing a gift for his friend. Kumud forgives Saraswatichandra, but refuses to relocate to Mumbai.

Kabir informs Menaka that Ghuman will be accompanying him to London. Ghuman decides to kill Kabir, Saraswatichandra and Kumud. Kumud apologises to Saraswatichandra, but he ignores her. Later, a goon hits Danny on his head. Saraswatichandra decides to enquire Kabir about the same. Kabir asks the Desai family to believe him. Kajal and Kusum complain to the police against Sunanda.

She tells Kusum that she saw honesty and sadness in his eyes.

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Saraswatichandra finds Kabir’s clue, and learns that Ghuman’s associates are taking him to Leicester Square. Yash throws Kalika out of the house, and apologises to Danny.

Saraswatichandra, Danny and Kabir decide to inspect the storeroom of the school. He asks Danny to stop Menaka from leaving the house.

Saraswatichandra meets Ghuman and confronts her. Kumud apologises to him, but he shuts the door on her face.


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He refuses to marry Kumud. Ghuman gifts Saraswatichsndra with an expensive watch. She humiliates Yash, and regrets for marrying him. Danny allows Vidyachatur’s family to stay in their ancestral house, until they find a rented house for themselves.

Danny suggests Kusum to stay away from him for some time. Sundarba becomes furious at Yash for discussing about Saraswatichandra and Danny. Ghuman and Danny leave Vidyachatur’s house. Kusum, Kajal, Majnu and Saraswatichandra saraswatihandra for Kumud. Prashant throws a stone at Saraswatichandra’s house. Kumud episodee the entire bed, and informs Saraswatichandra that since she has to sleep alone after he leaves for Mumbai, she is getting used to it. Anushka informs Kabir that she has overheard his conversation with Danny, and tells him that she does not believe in marriage.

Danny retrieves the video footage of the spy camera. To know more, keep watching Saraswatichandra Vidyachatur’s health deteriorates on learning about Saraswatichandra’s disappearance.

Prashant invites Kumud to his house and summons a key maker. Danny apologises to Dugba. Kumud returns to her house. Sunanda asks Jugnu to take Kumud, along with him. Kusum calls Kumud’s friends, to learn about her whereabouts. Ghuman praises Kabir for his plan against Saraswatichandra episoee Danny.


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Later, a security guard of the building asks Saraswatichandra for the NOC. Anushka asks Kusum to invite Kiran for lunch. When he offers prasad, his father instructs him to change the attire. Kumud enquires Sunanda about Ghuman’s secret. Saraswatichandra tells Kabir that he is aware of his feelings for Anushka. Danny confronts Kusum for not defending Ghuman, and breaks his relationship with her.

The Desai family tries to convince Kabir to get married. The key maker opens the main door of Kumud’s house.

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Yash returns home, and saraswatidhandra Anushka to marry Kabir. Kumud informs Vidyachatur that Saraswatichandra has left. Anushka becomes scared on listening to the same. Kumud defends Yash’s decision. Kumud searches for Roopmati.

Saraswathichandra is a poignant love story of two soul mates: