Muskaan laughs after they end up dropping food on Samarth. Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 30, – Full Episode. They start organising, and Bhairavi calls her eldest son, Shrenik, over for the wedding. Bhairavi asks Samarth to fire Kavya but he informs her that he cannot do so as he is in love with Kavya’s sister, Muskaan. Kavya reaches office and assumes that she has been fired. Vasundhara and her grand-daughters are taken to their rooms.

He makes her life miserable. Bhairavi speaks to the driver and tries to find out about Samarth’s mood. After, the presentation, Samarth asks her to take the day off and understands that he has diverted his anger upon Kavya. Vasundhara’s wait for Kavya continues while Kavya is forced to work at Samarth’s house. Muskaan sees a cool car outside Kavya’s office and starts to take selfies. Muskaan excitedly informs her that she has convinced Samarth to accept her proposal.

She falls asleep so Samarth throws a bottle of water at her.

She informs her sisters about the job offer but considers rejecting it. While hiding from Sambhav, Muskaan crashes into Samarth and he falls in love with her. Click here to login. Kavya asks her boss for a day’s time to think over this new role. While serving food, saubhaghyakakshmi guy misbehaves with her, so she scolds him.

Kavya is kidnapped and Samarth is drugged and Shrenik orders his men to throw Samarth from a cliff in a car and orders them to make it look like an accident. Sambhav resorts to stealing from his own house as he falls short of money.

Kavya tries to speak to Vasundhara and explain herself to her. Rashmi Sharma Pawan Kumar Marut. Samarth finally declares his love for Muskaan and sends Bhairavi to the Prajapati’s house to propose on her brother’s behalf. Due to this, Bhairavi asks Kavya to marry Samarth. Kavya tries to make Muskaan realize that she doing wrong by not being loyal to Samarth.


Kavya offers to open the lid of the box but she finds it difficult to open it. Kavya gives him the rent but Vasundhara refuses to accept it.

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Samarth hears her scolding and tells her to say sorry to the guy. Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 8, – Full Episode. Muskaan by now speaks to Sambhav and gives him three sauvhaghyalakshmi time to prove himself and agrees to leave Samarth for him.

Cast Kavya Anshuman Prajapati. Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – February 1, – Full Episode.

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More Videos of Saubhaghyalakshmi. Muskaan sees a cool car outside Kavya’s office and starts to take selfies. The show ends by showing that Episoode is pregnant and Sambhav marries Kuhu one year later. Samarth is instantly smitten by Muskaan’s beauty.

She manages to get rid of him and while she hides from him, she comes across Samarth. Or will Samarth once again take her side?

Kuhu demands the keys to the office from her and Bhairavi is forced to give them the keys.

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Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 30, – Full Episode. Watch Soubhaghyalakshmi to know more. Will Kavya be epksode to accept her new role for the sake of her family? Samarth later tries to behave in a kind episods with Kavya but she refuses to accept his kindness and gets tired of his ever changing behaviour.

Moments later, a woman named Mansa enters the house and she keeps a keen watch at everyone’s movements.

Her sisters reach Samarth’s house and there Muskaan ends up breaking an expensive flower vase. When she asks him to have his dinner, Samarth refuses as he remembers that Bhairavi has disapproved of his love for Muskaan. Samarth gets out and walks inside home with servant’s umbrella while Kavya runs into house wet.


She agrees to give him one final chance to prove himself to her. Muskaan calls up Sambhav and asks him to meet her with a gift for her. She later transfers twelve thousand rupees in Kuhu’s account so that she can make her trip. Bhairavi Samarth’s sister clashes with Kavya and gets mad. Watch Saubhaghyalakshmi to know more. Kuhu, Kavya and Muskaan live with their grandmother. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 12, – Full Episode. Muskaan is introduced to saubhaghyalaskhmi of Sambhav’s friends and is thrilled when she meets the CEO of a populor fashion magazine. Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 29, – Full Episode. Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 26, – Full Episode.

She phones Kavya and tells her that she has been kidnapped. Sambhav gets excited about the meeting but fails to realize that Muskaan is trying to test him. Watch Saubhaghyalshmi to know more. Samarth takes the box from her and seeing his generous nature, Kavya is surprised. Samarth comes back and says that he was faking being drugged after that Kavya told him to do so and that he paid the men more and ordered them to throw the car in the cliff but without him.