They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. I made my way out of the Rec Deck, and finished my journey at the camp offices. Dan was on camp schedule already so in bed by 10pm it was. Notify me of new posts via email. Water are your plans for the day? This site uses cookies. I could talk to someone for hours about all of the crazy stories: From Laser Puppies to Neature to Camp Milk, check out our vault below of your favorite videos from summer !

Come serve with us, Summer is right around the corner! I prayed for dining hall singing, that the joy of God would be known to all who hear it. I thanked God for the servant-hearted counselors that will spend their days in there. Hear for yourself the experiences of former staff by watching our Counselor Promo Video below. I prayed over the late night walks back to camp after everyone else is already asleep. Worship the Lord with gladness; come before him with joyful songs.

If you have made it this far congrats! At sb2wwe pray that all who come would grow an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ and be committed to living transformed lives wherever they go. Here, I prayed for the little boys and girls coming this summer. The hurried steps, large grins, and hugs that are so tight that they make up for all of the missed ones in the past several months are some of the most meaningful moments you can have.

Summer terms are filling fast, so on this givingtuesdaygive the gift of SB2W!

Your favorite Summer Life Night videos are now available online! I prayed for the coaches whose patience would undoubtedly be tried at unsuccessfully getting those kids off of the waterslide during Mongo Optional. All of the people there so caring and loving. If you have ever met me before, you know that I really love two things in this world. Any Kitchen Crew alumni out there, feel free to leave your testimonials in the comments below! I made my way past Heptathlon beach and prayed for the campers who will be taking their boats and paddling with their hands as fast as they can.


I asked God for perseverance for the campers who come to bar for optional. We had some casual conversation, and Jim asked me why I was wasting my life at an internship and not working a full summer at camp again. For the counselors who will become closer because they shared these heights.

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Entrances, competitions, and boys trips, oh my! This site uses cookies. Campers from the previous Camp Sequanota Sequanota Rd. Don’t miss out on all that God has in store here at SB2W in ! Entrances, competitions, moviw boys trips, oh my!

They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

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I will warn you, it is long. I asked God to give strength to the stud db2w in Cabin 14 who only struggles with swimming. This post is about camp memories that have not yet happened, but are guaranteed to. I thanked Him for the horseshoe and for closing ceremonies. I moved off of the slab and headed over to the Summit. Inside Tweets Time between tweets:. I made wb2w way to the playground.

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Summers Best Two Weeks. Water are your plans for the day?

Our movie showings are: I stopped at the trust fall and trwil for safety for the counselor who trusts her cabin enough to let them catch her. And I prayed that no one would come back too late and have to apologize the next morning for not making curfew. Do you love SB2W so much, that 2 weeks just isn’t enough?


Making my way out of the dining hall, I stopped at the Rec Deck. Check out sb2a online Summer Store at www. For surprise night dances, and for coaches and captains knock-out. We are loving 4th term already!! I prayed for angle ball and senior boys flag football. I prayed kovie good competition and fun, and that the campers and counselors would learn about competing for the glory of God. I prayed for the overcoming of obstacles both physically and emotionally. The summer is just beginning, and now that I have just finished writing this, the first counselors should be arriving at camp in about twelve hours for Ruddy week!

Applications to serve on Crew are due March 1st, and can mogie downloaded at www. Water are your plans for the day?

I never feel more welcomed than when I stroll into camp after a long stay away. They are in for one of the movle summers of their lives! Work here if you want your life to be transformed. Captains, nervous yet excited about leading the Galatian team to victory. Second term at the Que goes RED.

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