Nahange Abi Persian Series – Part 5. He arrives home, revealed to be married, and notices his nose bleed. Kaufman learns from O’Brian that his sister has become infected. Sherry tells Julia to make up a story for the police and not reveal her presence. The third season of the American drama television series 24 , also known as Day 3, premiered in the United States on Fox on October 28, , and aired its season finale on May 25, Almeida and Jane arrive while agents are watching. He tells her to free Edmunds, who can save her and her family.

Anne Cofell, a researcher for 24, consulted with a virologist and the Center for Disease Control. Ghalbe Yakhi – Season 3 – Part 8 4 years ago. President Palmer is seeking re-election against Senator John Keeler, but his campaign turns sour after one of his major backers, Alan Milliken, discovers that Palmer’s brother, Wayne, has been sleeping with Julia Milliken. It touches on many of the early plot points including the threat to release the virus, Jack’s heroin addiction and the relationship between Kim Bauer and Chase Edmunds. Edmunds attacks him and damages his watch and the transponder in it. Ghalbe Yakhi – Season 3 – Part 6 4 years ago. Jack tells Kim to issue an executive order to deliver Ramon to him, which she does. When he does, it triggers a worm that begins freezing CTU servers and disclosing the identities of its Undercover agents in terrorist networks around the world.

Retrieved January 2, One of the staff tries ssason break out of quarantine but Dessler convinces him to stay. She gives Jack a number to sstayesh. Jack starts investigating the truth about Almeida’s actions. Jack and Ramon get in a helicopter. Edmunds heads to the prison by himself to torture Ramon for information. Khaharzadeha Turkish Series – Part Jack and Ramon reach the yard and Jack uses Ramon as human shieldconvincing Edmunds to let them leave as it is the only way to stop Hector’s attack.


Email is required Invalid email format. Hector succumbs to his wound. As they leave, Wayne notices Julia entering the house. The mercenaries spot them leaving and shoot them, killing Hernandez. She kills Sherry before committing suicide. Stephen Setaydsh, the original buyer, arrives at the bar and obtains the virus.

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Jack arrives and kills Rabens. Almeida orders truth serum on Myers.

The writers originally planned to incorporate a real virus into the plot but ended up using a fictitious one when researchers doubted that any real virus would be that deadly. She states that she doesn’t know his name and identifies him by his picture. Edmunds oart Chappelle of the friendship between Jack and David, and advises him to inform David before he makes an attempt on Jack’s life.

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The initial trailer promoting season 3 was much longer than the trailer promoting season 2. Stephen calls again and arranges a second location, which Jack believes can be secured by CTU more easily.

CTU identifies a possible location of Saunders, and Edmunds leads a team there while Jack and Chappelle head to the place Saunders designated for Chapelle to be at.

She kills her mercenary and starts kissing Jack. Nahange Abi Persian Series – Part 5. In the meantime, David lies to the police by confirming Sherry’s alibi before expressing her his displeasure and demanding her to leave.


Wayne and his recruit enter the house, but fail to find the evidence. David and Keeler start the debate. Amador meets with eeason accomplice Marcus Alvers, who later plants some of the virus in a hotel ventilation system. A detective questions Julia and finds discrepancies in her statements. President Palmer is competing with Senator John Keeler for the next term.

Meanwhile, Ortega dies as result of the infection. They deduce a hotel to be a target.

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Ramon tries to kill Jack on the plane but the mercenaries stop him. At the debate, Keeler states Anne’s case and David counters it by stating it to be a minor matter compared to other national issues. Retrieved July 12, Once Saunders is captured, Jack uses all means possible to stop the threat posed by the remaining vials.

Amador arrives at a bar and has a rendezvous with Alvers.

O’Brian makes up a story about the baby. Jack rescues O’Brian and finds out about Dessler. Chappelle blames Jack for killing Myers, believing it seasin be for revenge instead of self-defense. Ghalbe Yakhi – Season 3 – Part 10 4 years ago.