Victoria takes the law into her own hands. JavaScript is turned off in your web browser. Murray drives Kane crazy. Drew gives in to temptation. Mo’s money lesson is lost on Margaret. Lucy learns the hard way. Dayna sabotages her own plan.

Victoria is given unexpected hope. Nicole has to go it alone. Lucy plays Cupid for Dayna. TK forces Pania to take dangerous action. Bella takes charge of her fears. We welcome feedback so let us know how you got on. Kane struggles to trust a criminal. Harper has to choose.

Vinnie goes out with a bang. Vinnie drops a bombshell that shatters Nicole’s dreams. Clean up turns to custard for Murray. Curtis struggles to come clean.

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Dayna decides to go it alone. Dayna gets more than she bargained eposode. Victoria makes an Unlikely ally. Kane puts himself at risk to save a mate. Lucy plays Cupid for Dayna. Can Bella ignore the call of true love? Lucy takes a chance on love. Curtis’s frustration gets the better of him.


Bella takes a leap of faith. Harry falls for Pixie.

Harper rides into danger. The odd couple find themselves at odds. Nicole has a bittersweet win. Clementine learns her lesson the hard way. Drew reels from an unexpected attack. Wendy experiences an illicit thrill. Harper’s loyalty is misplaced.

Sjortland joke hits a nerve. Harper resolves to episdoe the good fight. Kane’s offered an unwelcome windfall. If you see a bug or error, please report it here. Drew’s secret fling becomes a problem.

Lucy calls it quits. Bella takes charge of her fears. Margaret begs for mercy. TK pushes a friend to the edge. Curtis hurts the ones he loves.

Harper hams it up at the work party. Guest appearance by Kiwi music trio Sol3 Mio. Dayna is the victim of a crime. Trouble follows Curtis – all the way to work. Shoetland dirty secret backfires on TK. Murray loses out to the new dad in town. Boyd faces a grave situation. Garrett fights for his career. The odd couple find themselves at odds.


Victoria resorts to dirty tactics. TK betrays his closest friend. Bella takes a leap of faith.

Boyd is left holding the baby. Victoria’s secret divides the hospital.

Shortland Street Season 24 –

Nicole has to go it alone. Curtis is an inspiration for Shreet. Vinnie doesn’t like what he sees in the mirror. Clementine gets a second chance. Clementine shows her age.

Shortland Street 5899 5900 5901 14th December 2015 HD (Season Final) [Part 2]

Bella’s head battles her heart. Dallas is forced to reassess an old friend. Michael gets in with the cool kids. Murray makes a stand. Drew’s shocked when redemption is demanded.