The orthographical peculiarities found in our record are the following: Three Inscriptions of Balavarmma — Plate I to face page The object of the charter is to register the renewal, by Pravarasena II. The series and shows are listed as per the episode count including their sequels. The king Arporaja is identical with the famous ruler of this name who flourished in the Chahamana dynasty. It also occurs in the Kasakkudi plates of Nandivarman 1 where Mahendravarman I is stated to have defeated the chief enemies who were interpreted by scholars as the Chalukyas. His fame, like that of Indra, purified the faces of the directions defiled by the wicked Kali. The late Rao Bahadur H.

The editors of the record did not enlighten us about its significance. The conclusion is inevitable that, in the extremely demanding situation which arose in the Chalukya empire as a sequel to the fall of Pulakesi II, his elder son Chandraditya was found wanting, either because he was temperamentally peace-loving or because he was of indifferent health or otherwise physically handicapped, and that the mantle of leadership in the war against the occupation forces of the Pallavas, and the crown of the empire at the moment of the restoration of Chalukya hegemony, both went to his younger brother Vikramaditya I. Sircar viz , Mahisamosh image inscription of Mahendrapala, year 16 Above, Vol. Obviously, this Alhana is the same Alhana as mentioned in the inscription of V. However, in the historical context mahasenapati denoted feudatory chieftains in charge of small territories. Sircar, while editing the Dharikatura grant, assigns this Nandivarman II to c. Lines contain the imprecatory portion. He made his sword get wet with the blood oozing out of the pot like heads of the elephants of the enemy forces.

Full text of “Epigraphia Indica Vol. 42”

The engraver Mahada is not known so far from any other epigraph. Subramonia Iyer, Mysore The copper-plate charter edited below was discovered in the village of Jagajjibanpur in Habibpur police station in Sadar sub-division in Malda District in West Bengal while digging the foundations of a house in plot No.

As a result, the inscription is only partly preserved. Living in the city of The relationship of the two families is shown beow: Nalla-cheruvu in Telugu is Sanskritised as Kamsari-tataka.


Twenty years later, Tulsi and Mihir are the parents of Shobha, sejal divorced her husband and lives in the Virani episdoe with her daughter, Indu, Chirag is the father of twin daughters, and Sikhaarm misses Gautam. On the top centre of the circle is a conch sankha. It mentions the Hora of Brihaspati also. The last epithet of Hastivarman reads sikhsram.

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He built two temples respectively for Sugata and Gauri, which by their episoe looked like the forehead mark on the face of the entire world. Although Tulsi decides to give them Gautam, Aarti and her husband Kiran kidnap the child, Tulsi goes into labour and gives birth to a daughter, Shobha.

The upper half of B is also marked by an arch like design along the left and right margins and the top of the writing. Episdoe Bhabho confessed saying she shot her son and gets arrested, Later she gets bailed by Sandhya. Incidentally, the looped variety of ta is typical to the Ikshvaku style while the rest of the characters give the impression of Satavahana palaeography of the second century A.

As a matter of fact, Chandraditya was disqualified and Vikramaditya nominated as his prospective successor by Pulakesi II himself as is clearly episoee out by a recently discovered, damaged stone inscription 65 from Aihoje, of the time of Pulakesi II, which refers to Vikramaditya I as crown- 1 Kind’s Kannada- English Dictionary, s.

In a fragmentary inscription from Hund 7. Set in Delhi, the show follows the story of Dr. It also seems to be later than the Onigodu set-1 and does not differ much with the available single plate of the DarsPset which, like the present grant, was issued by a great-grandson of Virakurchavarman. It also occurs in the Kasakkudi plates of Episodw 1 where Mahendravarman I is stated to have defeated the chief enemies who were interpreted by scholars as the Chalukyas.

What we have here may represents stage in the evolution of ka-with sijharam antennas, developing into pta and pka all standing for 4 4 Again, what we are inclined to read as sam before 4 looks more or less like a symbol for 40, occurring elsewhere in epigraphs.


They do not seem to be so archaic as in the Orhgodu set-P of Sivaskandavarman. Elsewhere in lines 3 and 4, it has a slight notch in both the upper and lower horizontal lines.

Phulbani Copper-plate Grant of Ranabhanjadeva. Each inscribed face contains six lines, there being in all eighteen lines. The date of the grant is given as year 7, evidently the regnal year of Mahendrapaladeva.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai! The episodes of first and second seasons were half—hourly, while episodes of third season were one hourly, conceived as a reality series, it was the first show on Indian television, where cameras traveled with the law enforcement authorities to capture crimes live.

Its revealed that Haider and Humaira shift to abroad and Humaira is pregnant and Asad and Zoya become parents of 2 identical twins Sanam and episoed happiness is short-lived as two years later, they are murdered by their old rival Tanveer Baig.

Shandala can be identical with Samara. Unlike in other Pala charters, in the present charter two messengers dutaka are mentioned in connection with the conveyance of the royal order namely Vajradeva and A Surapala. Subsequently these symbols, however, were inherited by the Buddhists and Jains to meet their extramundane requirements. Chunopraju is, obviously, the Prakrit name of some place connected with lime manufacture.

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Visarga has three different forms; i a couple of horizontal lines placed one above the other lines 6 and 1 1 ; ii a dot above a horizontal line line 4 ; and iii a horizontal line above a dot line It covers a space which measures about He in fact appears for the first time as engraver in the Sonpur plates of Satrubhanja 7the father of Ranabhanjadeva.

Nalanda Inscription of Dharmapaladeva, year 4. The seal measures 20 cms.