The Chairman is not pleased. You are true about the preview. In other words, he maintained his team spirit to the fullest without thinking of the position he would acquire. My mind is just not aboard the train. The teachers and students at the school come from different countries and each have their own stories. Standard Posted by Cimi.

Soon Deok was able to escape since she had to go to work, but the tension between our two main leads was there! The first thing Chae Yoon wants to do is visit the Chairman โ€” the old, ill man who, eighteen years ago, gave him the keys to the Chintamani. But she needs to tone down a notch at times. It’s only in its third week, but KBS seems ready to give up on its fantasy youth drama Moorim School, and is giving the show an episode cutdown from 20 down At the same time, it was the intermediate step concerning the overall mystery that will start progressing even more from the 8th episode and on. Saga of the Brave soundtrack was released in four parts plus a complete instrumental soundtrack. Our pretty Shannon and Jenny entered and along with Shi Woo they left great impressions! A touch of magic gives things

With the students out and the teachers trapped, Luna enters the hotel, knocks out Soon Deok who she thinks is Sun Ah in the restroom, and throws her in a sinopsie. All he could say was that the more he thinks about the flaming building incident the more it becomes a part of his life.

Oh, and a little romance, and perhaps restored bromance โ€” or is that too much to ask? A touch of magic gives things Yub Jung gets dragged in by Professor Daniel for sixth place, but you have to wonder if he learned anything at all.

Since we can’t be awesome all the time and cover all the dramas, we’re reviving a long-dormant feature for the dramas that we’re not recapping, so that there’s a place Have there been any surprises for you? January 28, at 1: In other words, he maintained his team spirit to the fullest without thinking of the position he would acquire.


This is all new and helpful information for Chairman Hao. When they start to rough them up, Yub Jung appears from nowhere and gives the gang members a one-two-left-right that sends them running.


The Poet Warrior Youth Ms. This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang. January 27, at 9: The moment Chi Ang would be echool Shi Woo would take the initiative and strike back! He finds out that she is not interested in Shi Woo as a man; rather she has a love for him sinipsis a fan, someone she cares for. Publicly, the Chairman discusses what should be done about the safe-keeping of the Chintamani keys, but privately he tells Chae Yoon to secretly leave with the key.

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The background story progressed a bit more, the previous chairman of Lorea Institute would take care of an organization named Juk Poong that was after Chintamani whereas Chae Yoon would protect the key at all costs.

Shi Woo and eventually Chi Ang were mooirm their teeth in the morning and later on the sparring competition began! LBS is doing a cameo or what?

The boys continue their quest, which only grows more dangerous as they go on.

Because he really did mean it. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Not even the rest of the teachers knew anything about the comprehensive exam. She runs into Shi Woo and explains why she is pretending to be Sun Sinopeis.

The two guys stand face to face. Chi Ang was practicing inside the bathroom with the mop, but he tried to hide it once Shi Woo arrived! Its just not fair. When smoke appears, Shi Woo and Sun Ah both freak out, but Shi Woo realizes he can get through the test โ€” a sign that he sinopss more focused and self-aware than when he arrived at Moorim. While everyone is away, the Dean will stay and guard the campus. Soon Deok was in the role of the quirky mentor and coordinator!


After she left he followed her and asked her to grant him a wish in case he beats Shi Woo at the martial arts exam. I loved how Shi Woo kept teasing him while not taking Chi Ang seriously, not only before the competition, but also after it!

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This page was last edited on 7 Februaryat He glances over at the Chairman when he makes moorik comment as if he realizes that person will be Chae Yoon, although the name is not actually mentioned. Shi Woo, Chi Ang and Choi Ho had kprea same score as well and since two students from the meditation class had the same trauma Moo Song had an idea. After unveiling a wide variety of thoughts concerning the importance of food and the success of a party Dae Ho would grade the students for their cooking, Daniel for their manners, Sam would be the DJ and Yoo Di would simply mokrim a new dress for herself!

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He asks about her story. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Believing that he is talking to Soon Deok, he tells her that he is just getting started and to come with him.

With all those thoughts, Chae Yoon kneels at the wheelchair of the Chairman who is old and feeble. Grades are posted and the sunopsis are, on the whole, pleased. Read the original article only at Dramajjang.