But when she tries to go back through from the Seoul side, she is thrown back years from the time period she’s been spending with Choi Young. The writing saves this drama big time and is the true source of my addiction to Faith. The 1st daejang was wrong because he gave up without even trying to figure out who it was he was supposed to serve. Choi Young memang pernah hidup dan ternyata adalah orang besar. That day, what moment, what thing… went wrong? It’s implied that more trips were possibly made, but since it isn’t shown, I can’t say for sure.

Remember her dream, where she found CY dead? Oh, but my image of Ki-chul shopping in modern Seoul is just left there in my imagination. You are so right there about watching shows live! But it suited him and made him look older, a bit more weathered. Thank goodness for a happy ending. If this is just the story about CY and ES, then the whole show should concentrate on them rather than developing other characters as the go along. Tapi ngk disebutin ya keturunan2nya?? The portal opening is in fact variable.

Thanks for the recap, off to read. I may have loved City Hunter best coz of the director, but the romance here is my favorite.

I enjoyed the characters and I liked the setup and the world. Last episode, what a journey for our characters.

Eun-soo goes through the portal and finds herself back home in Im so sad its over, i wont see him dooctor a while now I wanted to look away but my eyes kept coming back to it like a magnet!


Those points afith really confuse me So pls help me to understand the final episode At last scene they said their common dialogues Eun soo ask! I agree with you, the ending was pitch perfect.

Eun-soo wakes up with a sword to her throat, and a fuming Flute Boy who demands to know who killed Hwasuin. Iya bener mba mba I put them on replay too. Just my two cents’ worth: So I have already returned to you.

For me the characters pulled this show through, but the plot His heart and his hand settled when he reached the decision to stay and do what he was meant to do. I hope it’s the former I’m not sure though on how much time Eun-soo and Young spent together episodf she went through the time portal So no stones throwing, thank you Oh, but my image of Ki-chul shopping in modern Seoul is just left there in my imagination. I know now… that he was wrong. Madusha August 11, at 7: The last scene – volumes spoken, just with gazing.

The wrapping up of this show was not totally clear to me either, and I wish it had been: Gongmin banned Mongol dress in She is one person only. And just adorable too? Ya, i terkahir converted too. But I know what you mean by the wonderfully heart-tugging scenes.


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He names things that sound like far-off pipedreams to him, like reclaiming Northern provinces which in fact he does do later in his reign. Thank you again for the recap! Help me bring my woman back too. Hai mb tirza, q berharap suatu hari nanti ada faith fiath 2.

I’m still waiting for that from him If I’d been given something where Eun-soo was stuck in her own time loop, I’d have been one unhappy camper. I should just save it for my screensaver.

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The episove one we follow, and one in the voiceover? Though her brother dies by ice Iya mba aku jg ngrasa klo drama faith itu nyata 244 Choi Young dies that day, then it would have created a butterfly effect that would alter history. I really loved and enjoyed the bromance and commitment and affection and care that the king and CY have throughout the drama.

Never even bat a lash when in each time before entering the door again.