Qian Gu promises to break ties with Jie Jie as long as Shifu let him go. Wol-ryung isn’t going to die, but will probably spend eternity asleep lying next to Seo-hwa rather than live without her; it just hits you right in the stomach. I remember the recapper at the time either GF or JB writing that she understood that kind of noble idiocy, and she found it justifiable. Overall, I won’t say that the drama was a complete waste of time, as I feel it wasn’t. The issue is that you can only act what’s written and this writing has been predictable and sometimes lazy for pretty much the whole drama. I don’t regret watching this drama, and being engrossed in it. Sad, yeah, but way more meaningful. Qian Gu, how can you do this to your friend?

I was too dumb to protect my love. It wasn’t necessary at all to the plot. I am very impressed with LSG’s acting. I still don’t think how much he injured her matters. I’ve pretty much dropped this drama entirely. He does seem to possess honor and is unwilling to take unnecessary actions other than what he came to do, so it’s possible that he may come through as an anti-villain of sorts and end up helping out the heroes despite that not being his real intention. I don’t think that WR leaving was a sign that he didn’t love Kangchi but didn’t want to live without SH. She sits outside with Gon and muses that it must be nice to have a mother, even if parents do kind of make your life miserable sometimes.

I have never seen episods in a Kdrama an historical onenot that I have seen that many to date, but still So quick to forget our promises, Gumiho Baby.

But most random ending ever 21-2 finally gets through to Kang-chi and he remembers asking Yeo-wool a while ago what it was she feared the most. After 23 eps, poor Gon’s hair is still a mess. It has always limited this drama from its full potential. Thank you so much GF.

Jo Gwan-woong just smirks back at Kang-chi without a word. I can’t wait next episode. Tit for tat, and all that jazz. Forcing his own issues bpok someone like him.


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My first comments on this drama have usually been short, just wanting to quickly thank the recapper for the recap. Judging from her sudden tears, Qian Gu postulates that Wei Xi only found out about her dead lover when she followed them. Heck, I even defended it, and when I did it was still going along decently. There has vook be an open wound for the blue lights to heal it. Gon steps up to say that he agrees with Kang-chi, and then Tae-seo joins in too.

The other was a youthful non-serious rom-com that was playing dress-up in hanbok. One of the things I like about KC is how he has always gone to YW when he needed to be comforted emotionally or physically or when he wanted to be around someone who would understand him, or at least around someone who would try to understand him the incident when she passed him by in the Martial Arts School yard was different.

Speaking of KC, I was one of those who was hoping that there might have been a hug between KC and WR, though it made sense that it didn’t happen, for various reasons. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.

That’s a cruel and sad fate. Those were scenes of simple things holding KC’s hands, complimenting him on the fine person he had turned into, KC making the bed for his mom, KC sleeping on her lap, KC standing tall, proud and happy when he brought his mom at the Academy, etc I thought the old couple will have a chance at a happy ending.

Kang-chi looks out his window and narrates: She decides to tell him the truth—that his mother went down to the village to stop Wol-ryung, and she thought he needed to know. Ivoire June 20, at 3: It’s the least she can do after what she did to Wol-ryung and Kangchi.


No, I don’t think Yeo-wool or Kang-chi will die. KC comes and meet their relatives again but he don’t see Gon at that party. The scene with Kangchi was nicely done and appropriate. Past couple of episodes were just bleh Ok, I enjoyed the closing of Fammily and Seohwa’s story. Now I really can’t wait for Heirs.

The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.” | A Virtual Voyage

Too bad story became this murky in the last episodes: Basically cutting the queue. Gon didn’t “strip” KC, purposefully or non-purposefully. The boys get ready to move her, when Jo Familly suddenly declares that no one can leave. She’ll keep fighting, but it’s Kangchi who is the problem. Some of our questions were answered, and we now know by the end of the ep.

So now that she is old enough to know how to protect her love, she does with her life.

Do that many people like it? He runs after Yeo-wool, but the kidnappers throw gas grenades in their wake to throw him off their scent. His smilebooo betwen son. In a span of 10 minutes the writer made me hate that I watched all 24 episodes.

The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

The girl you love is standing there telling you she chose you over some unknown future that has yet to be, and STILL you choose the other thing. At least I have one thing to say: He is such a Debbie Downer. I wonder if the writers will actually dare to end the series with a sad ending or rather a vague one.