And why the noble idiocy? KiYoung – you are the best!! Haha, Brussels sprout and strawberry. Because of that, The Windflower sadly! The musical resolution was more or less satisfying. When the groups finally meet on stage, Lee Sin suddenly apologises for his the past actions and harsh words.

He sends Young-min out, but then Young-min drops a bomb: Kim Seul Gi Supporting Cast. June 29, at Ketika cahaya merah matahari yang terbenam di langit yang hitam Seekor burung terbang di antara langit dan lautan. If his role was written out of the plot, no one would have noticed. It’s a great way to advertise for the Korean culture. They have the combined chemistry of a Brussels sprout and a strawberry. Ucapan tahun baru ala orang Korea Terima kasih atas sokongan yang berterusan daripada anda!

It does affect his playing though, which his bandmates notice. It’s a great way to advertise for the Korean culture. To break heartsstrings ice, Gyu Won tells him to do whatever he wants since apparently, she is now his slave!

Wishing you in the Koreans way. Our Gyu Won is extremely upset!

Sinopsis Drama Heartstrings – You’ve Fallen for Me (Tamat)

Episodes by LollyPip. Lee Hyun Jin is a hottie! The Windflowers and The Stupid all decide to practice on the ending song a bit before presenting it to the music producer again. This show was missing a few soju-drinking sessions with the director nursing his unrequited love, under a food stall tent.


But on the flip side, my poor Lee Shin: Ucapan tahun baru ala orang Korea. As for Kyu Won, you might think she had it easy, but it wasn’t just running away from grandpa, it was a matter of turning her back on everything she had been raised to believe was true and discovering that she could dare to want and do new things.

You really nailed it – great job!! The punishment is, she has to write a two-page self reflection report.

Recap: KDrama – Heartstrings / You’ve Fallen For Me – Episode 02 | 花火 Hana-bi [Bunga Api]

Thanks for the recap! I get that he don’t want Kyu-won to feel bad, but Shin you were doing so well in comparison with all other lead guys. Overall this episode felt tonally bland. She even suddenly becomes clear-headed, and realizes that her pushing Hee-joo caused this condition.

FlipzBoi August 23, at 9: He assures her that she could have won the competition if the string did not break. And, for the first time, this easy listening type of music suddenly sounds so heavy to her.

I did like the music,but can’t compare to Dream High’s. Seok-hyun approaches wpisode leading ladies, shocked that they kept this from him.

Notify me of new comments via email. Upon hearing that, out of rage, Gyu Won immediately agrees to the condition and says that she does not even mind being his slave forever if she loses! 1


I kinda guessed that this last 2 episodes would be boring I’ll miss these guys. The bRomance could be epic. Instead of being disappointed, Shin supports her no matter what her decision is. This project would definitely pit her against her grandfather sinopssi.

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Kyu-won tunes up in the waiting area, dressed in a hanbok. Facebook Email Print Twitter Reddit. Its not that it tried to be a heartstgings tense epic show to begin with But boy has it been corny. And, just like Lee Sin, Gyu Won herself is also starting to taste the bitterness of her impulsive behaviour, once her anger sets aside.

She has to stay awake all night and even gets hit by a stick for not being able to focus on his teachings.

花火 Hana-bi [Bunga Api]

You are commenting using your Twitter account. The Three Angry Girls fawn over Ki-young because they were so shocked at seeing his delicious abs. More high school then college indeed.