Which is when Ah In spies pretty noona Bong Sun walking down the street. Bong Sun, on the other hand, goes inside and starts sobbing. To be honest, this is the only drama that I watch at the moment, while dropping the so-called fancier dramas like Flower Boys from the Ramen Shop or Thousand Days of Promise gonna watch it later, tho, when the sub is completed. I love the idea of BS is trying to get on with her life and having a date. I am still hoping that Bong Sun and Jae Hee will end up together by the final episode. He gives Ah In a test to find at least Thanks for the recap!! Jae Hee freezes when he sees her.

Jae Hee laments that his sway over her is limited to the tossing of a lovingly prepared meal. I sincerely hope not! Despite the self-talk …. Well, what about if he only gives up a little, and they meet half way? And I really want to believe. I like that JH still has not given up on her. She calls him on his bluff so he bends it in half. He just did it.

To atone for his mistake, Jae Hee will henceforth quit his co-owner position at Perche. Jae Hee laments that his sway over her is limited to the tossing of a lovingly prepared meal. Hwa Young ssinopsis for a lawyer to come tomorrow.

Mom asks but Dal refuses to tell. Could it be that Jae Hee is looking to transfer his shares? Hwa Young screams at a departing Jae Hee, demanding to know how he can do this? This is probably where we disagree Jomo. OMG, just finished ep14 and it was awesome!

The peaceful smile on his face as the camera pans by him in the car that he finally worked through his guilt issues with HY, which released him from the anxiety of killing her husband when he drove that truck, so he m drive again. Despite the self-talk …. Angst and OTP separated. Why is she not thinking about that? Maru is pissed, but Jae Hee just invites him out to drink. Except for Bong Sun. Jae Hee and Hwa Young arrive at the press conference, with Jae Hee alone walking up to the front and sitting down.


Dal is leaving Dr. First, she told Jae Hee that she cannot ask him to give up everything he has since she herself cannot give up everything she has.

Angst for the main part. Am i the only one feeling cheated and lost? Well, what about if he only gives up a little, and they meet half way? OMO, i notice something. Thanks for patradush recap!! And i felt as much connection with the characters than in M2F. Dal reluctantly cleans while Dr.

Sinopsis Drama dan Film Korea: Yoon Eun Hye dan keluarganya

Dal in unsuspectingly honest about JH sincerity towards her onnie. Jae Hee asks Maru what he would do if someone threatened his family?

Has my obsessive K-drama addiction finally come to an end? He just did it.

But here i will. Dal helps Bong Sun home, the entire time Bong Sun eposode keeps calling her a bad woman. This is a girl who believes in nothing but rice when the going gets tough. The idea of Bong Sun leads her life in the right direction is so important in wrapping up this drama.

Manager apologizes but he was under orders from Jae Hee to keep her diverted from the press conference. Or was i dreaming? And I really want to epjsode.


PATRARUSH drama korea: KIM BUM

I like that BS is suffering without him. Jae Hee smiles wryly and continues drinking with Maru.

Bong Sun asks her to come to the precinct with them to complete the report. You guys understand Korean? But what if Bong Sun insists on not having Jae Hee give up his current status in life and she the same, can they still end pagrarush together?

Me Too, Flower! Episode 13 Recap

I really pity Jae Eipsode … it really hurt! Epizode Hee is at the office and does his rounds to see how business is. But Bong Sun is cynical and thinks Jae Hee will grow to resent her.

No, I am satisfied too, it is a beautiful drama… this drama closes with episdoe bang for me, I had six favorite dramas this year, four including this one climb up my top 20 list and dethrone some of the ones in the higher place that had been there for years, so it was wonderful.

Dal hides behind Mom, who takes full responsibility. Dad starts to drag Mom outside while the two daughters cling to the parents and tearfully asks why they have to be like this. Hwa Young throws shit inside the storage room, seething that her evil plans have been totally thwarted.