He is just like Ji Chang Wook for me, who I prefer to see more in romcom. Sassy Girl Chun-hyang Hangul: Good job to the production team to make a beautiful joseon settings. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. Tutorial download cepat drama korea sub indo ” romance is a bonus book” channel dewi 13 days ago. She created her own style. A modern retelling of the classic Korean folktale Chunhyangjeon “Tale of Chunhyang” , [2] the romantic comedy series was called “fusion-style” for, among others, mixing rap with pansori in the background music. It was a surprise to see that Da-yeon is not the dainty and innocent lady she appears to be; that slap said it all.

I was so expecting that when DY got demoted to slave I purposely left out some of my favorite scenes and some of I don’t think I can watch this just for Joo Won. Kemungkinan itu terbuka setelah Mong-ryong diterima di Universitas Seoul sebagai adik kelas Chae-rin. In the second attempt, I started to see this drama in a different light. Meski berencana pergi, akhirnya pria itu menemani sang istri saat mencari dompetnya yang hilang. Mal-geum happily reunites with Se-ho, and the two gush over each other. You would think he still loves her and would even lift a finger to win her back, but no, he ends at that.

Thanks mal-guem got a happy ending.

Lagi-lagi pertengkaran terjadi saat malam tiba, namun hal itu disusul oleh keakraban keduanya di bawah nyala api unggun. There is also the problem of Byun Hak-do, an extremely successful talent agency director who falls in love with Chun-hyang. Sayang, Chae-rin kembali jadi penghalang hubungan Chun-hyang dan Mong-ryong.

They should have offered the role to OYS from the beginning without a need for auditioned. And dimply Prince scenes with his real mom! It was quite hard to watch him cry. She wants to set him up on some blind dates, not so she can marry him off, but so she can brag about her son to other families. The two start a heated argument over the phone. I feel like I’m watching this and just waiting for the actual plot to kick in and for things to speed up and get interesting.


Am I talking about ‘King in love’ storyline?? The King obviously does not have a brain nor a heart. Choon Poong’s laugh was the best reward, so contageous. Mondays and Tuesdays at I haven’t watch crass over the top comedies for a long time.

Retrieved from ” https: Lol so it wasn’t just me? OYS is perfect for this role because I can’t imagine another actress who can be this spunky and sassy.

I don’t think I can watch this just for Joo Won. This show should either stick to original concept in entire show or like I said should’ve just be a normal sageuk. It is tragic, dark, and very well done — and stands in stark contrast to the breezy rom-com feel of footage of young scholar Gyun’s 3 years of distinguished studies — and partying — in China.

Sassy girl chun hyang episode 4 sub indo

I really love that ajhussi in Geum Sa wol. Just make up your mind and go all the way or achieve the impossible -a balance of both. I thought King was bad-ass enough to be one of hcun Ghost Masks ones. Hong Jung-eun Hong Mi-ran. The beginning rocked, then close to the end it seemed like they just wanted to end it.

SINOPSIS My Sassy Girl Episode 1 – 16 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

Mong-ryong sempat marah ketika tahu Chun-hyang menerima telepon dari Chae-rin uyang yang disukainya saat masih bersekolah ditempat lama, namun ternyata gadis itu tidak seburuk yang disangka.


Meanwhile, Hyemyeong is tied to a post while gangster Dochi and his thugs threaten to hurt her. They hurriedly make their way back, but so does the king, riding as fast as his horse will take him.

GY befriends with Dalhan Sassy Girl Chun Hyang. Thank you for your final recap and commentary, chickachunga! Di masa kini, Chun-hyang adalah gadis wassy yang harus bekerja sambilan demi menghidupi keluarganya.

To that end, Wol-myung arrives at a butcher shop and heads downstairs to a secret room where a group of people are drafting and make copies of the scandalous flyers. Chun-hyang agrees and so Mong-ryong is freed, but now, Chun-hyang pretends to want to divorce him immediately to keep her end of the cjun.

Korea Lovers: Sassy Girl Chun Hyang (Episode 1)

Episodes by odilettante. It was a nice, sweet moment when HM tended to GW’s sword wound. And also, thank you thank you for writing chickachunga! Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. I much prefer Joo Won in his earlier dramas especially Gaksital.

Wonder if it is worth picking up again. CP sometimes just pop up anywhere that I wonder if he is actually human or not lol. Young-shin meets Gyun Woo outside and starts whimpering as he says the king wants to see him.