Omg, that’s so awesome. Then an apartment building — which was where their former orphanage was located. But know that I always love reading both of you guys’ recaps, it really helps and I like the different opinion that you have on the show. But he adds that Tae-yeon is no average opponent, and asks for permission to fire. He starts to cough…. They better not have killed her off or I will have lots of words for them. Register Lost your password? And then would Runa be another breed of vampire if she is also part Shaman?

By the time Runa comes to, she finds Dr. Though most of the weekly crime were irrelevant to the Red Eyes villain arc, it was still nice to see little character moments plus the comedy in those episodes. I refuse to believe she’s dead. You might want to cover your eyes for this. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Min Tae-Yeon, couldn’t you get any more hotter?

Vampire Prosecutor 2 Episode 4. Vamp-Taeyon-fanatics; That is why I have to disagree with javabeans, though I can see her point of this year show’s missing cleverness, because even though this show had its gaps prosector up to mid season, it totally caught up for me in the last episodes and the finale gave it all, unfortunately or fortunately season 3??? As soon as she stuck in the needle, I started screaming “Run, run, run for your life!


She has to die. I would gladly have traded a few cases for more Red Eyes.

Amaya November 24, at 6: My bad, I misunderstood the wording and also because I remember that Park Hoon was supposedly killed by a silver knife and not by being bit. We’ve seen a bit of Jung In’s past already in the first season, but I’m hoping they’ll expand, because really, all we know about her is that she’s a gangster’s daughter, episofe and epicly BADASS, prosscutor in love with vampy Tae Yeon. If it was Jang who bit him, he wasn’t a first victim – his sister was.

He runs inside, and is greeted by this:.

vampire prosecutor

I can sleep now. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. I loved it because it had Red Eyes doing what he does best: Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: There is only, I think, 2 more episodes left and well, I don’t think everything will be answered.

Hope our team will be fine But for the entire rest of the episode, everything she says is in Japanese, hence the need for Korean subtitles. Which means I got what I expected, but nothing more in the way of emotional payoff.

Jo was wearing a leather jacket. Bullet lands in his sino;sis. And as sad as her story is, as a vamp unable to control her blood urges, there was no way for this to end for her but sadly, was there?


The more questions that pop out could be answered in season 3. Pqrt one of my favorite series and I don’t want it going down as some series that people ended up hating. They break down the door and run inside…. Or is he trying to raise an army of like-minded vampires?

What else can I say to the finale. Doc Hotbar, even when he was a doctor and not a hotbar, was a vampire. Episodes by LollyPip. If she isn’t, then why didn’t they just kill off her character?

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I’m hoping everything comes together really well. Tae-yeon asks if he has Yeon-ji too, but Red Eyes continues to be vague about it.

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