I seriously loved it I complained in the last two episodes of the drama were slow but today’s episode was fast-paced and well awesome! Hmm I think it should be a new channel. You have entered an incorrect email address! I was on the edge of my seat during the entire episode. He had cancer so I am not sure. But there was something I felt was missing.

One character makes me so angry and I once again stuck in his place all the time. I watched the show with his family too. I missed a lot of them over the last few episodes. Writer, director, and actors were one of the main reasons we loved so much. Again a lot has happened.

I agree with you completely! Everything worked brilliantly and yes, I almost tears in my eyes when Mustaqeem gives his father a little hug with as much value before starting the septemher Mejabheen. Please enter your comment! It was wit, sorrow, conflict and surprise.

But before I start this review, I just want to But they did not. I was sad to see that Fatima had to die without seeing her son ladla.

Who mustaqdem your favorite character Maria? Mustaqeem runs on the same music that kick started the story, down to the station and looking at Sirag, he tied the end to the beginning of a very beautiful. For me it reminded me of the old dramas PTV you could sit down and enjoy it with his whole family. Mine was definitely Mustaqeem. I really enjoyed it. What is Operating System. Mattel Alpha Training Blue. It was just the best scene for me.

First of all I want to say that I loved the fact that Mustaqeem cannot hear a word justaqeem his father despite the fact that it is strictly for him and obey him many Mustaqeem times.


It has surely been a good one. Mann Pyasa — Episode — 27 — October 31…. I think they had to show Sobia Batool and track if they started it. He was filled with emotion. It really felt kind of rushed. Mann Pyasa — Episode — 30 — November 21…. I think we could all relate to all these characters and situations, because they exist within us.

Writer, director, and actors were one of the main reasons we loved so much. He saved Mustaqeem from falling into the same trap of fate he was for a long time. I really want to know what the magic is in the Sirat -e- Mustaqeem, who received me so much! What is the point? I can never stop writing good things about this project. Batool divorced, bad news, but it was her own fault.

Sirat e Mustaqeem | DRAMA PAKISTANI®

I honestly think that epizode appear on the TV and watch Hum rating shoot up like no tomorrow. I wonder if he was fine when he left Mustaqeem. It muztaqeem another brilliant episode! What made this drama stand out for me, especially the way the journey Mustaqeem been processed. Mann Pyasa — Episode — 27 — October 31….

I was all the way from Mustaqeem reunion mustaqeek his father, and then at home, and then, when all the time he thought about his mother. I really want to know what the magic is in the Sirat -e- Mustaqeem, who received me so much!

Again a lot has happened. Rabia -x bold and courageous decision but then feelings of guiltseptdmber of guilt for not getting Mustaqsem his sistersquiet anger Haji SahabI never expected her story to be tied to the overall picture. What is Operating System. I cannot fully understand the reason why he came to me so much but I think this is a strong character and a mix of genres. My family especially my brothers loved him. I noticed that Firdous Jamal was the consistent look of anger on his face before, but now that the face looks so used to be kind and gentle.


Without his intense expression, I do not think that this episode would have been so special.

Sirat e Mustaqim Episode 07

The last episode but never satisfied me. Subscribe to receive new post. I missed a lot of them over the last few episodes. The last episode was really good I liked how it showed that things are not always what they seem. I would like to see the moment of connection that has been reached between Mustaqeem and Allah. He totally redeemed himself.

If my observation septembdr correct, then there may be a new twist in the story. I seriously loved it Mustaqeem Sami Khan is shown as a very light-hearted and human “Awaara”. Mann Pyasa — Episode — 29 — November 14….

I watched Hajji Sahab today and was happy and impressed by his change. But I am still glad that he has changed. I would like to see more Hayaat Baja and companies.