His life touched billions through his journeys. They cross paths with Aang and his team and decide to do what they can to stop the Fire Nation. To see the truth that’s hidden from humans was to throw himself into more battles. As Ichigo waits for a way to get back to his time, he finds out that the students of West Genetics, are very different from his old classmates. M – English – Adventure – Chapters: Caliburn Initiative by Kur0Kishi reviews More than six decades ago, the remnants of the Ancient Belkans decided that a force was needed to administer Dimensional Space in order to prevent another pan galatic War from happening again, and the TSAB was born. He intends to start a new life and explore the wonders of the magical world and help those in need of it.

Status 20th Jan Long ago, before the Juubi’s rampage, there were gods. HardBoiled of the League by E. The one thing she truly wanted more than anything else. An so, the Cloth Sekirei was alone. A King, wishing to rewrite her past, who has lived a life full of regrets. Alternate history video games Revolvy Brain revolvybrain revolvybrain’s feedback about Steins;Gate:

But one mysterious girl might help turn the tide. One-day two men come to his school saying he could become king smi,e the gods or demons by marring their daughters.

Hall of Anime Fame: Smile Precure Ep The Girl in the Mirror

When will she ever learn? Well then, Ninja’s are real too righ? Well here’s a story where Yosho crashed along with Ryoko on his planet. Be Forever Yorozuya topic Gintama: Member of the Uzumaki clan, wife of Namikaze Minato, mother of Uzumaki Naruto and second jinchuuriki of smmile Kyubi no yoko. Cutter, Douglas, Maia, Cellestine L.

As the two alien beauties settle in with him on Earth and more quickly follow, the former Gundam pilot soon finds himself to be the target of their affections, with a certain lovely outlaw at the front of the pack! What Villains threaten the peace of the world. Shinobi no Cocoon by JPClaw reviews Confused, lost, and alone Naruto finds himself in a new world where he meets a number of interesting people.


Through it all is Bastila. What if the Undead were freed? A journey to find true happiness. Nsanime one day, they came. New World War by Eyeshield reviews The Rider War granted one wish, free of consequences, to the winner of the brutal contest.

Animax shows Revolvy Brain revolvybrain revolvybrain’s feedback about Kaiketsu Zorori: The lies were banished. Resident DEvil by RisingPhoenix7 reviews After their adventures in the Smioe universe, the Devil Hunters have been sent to another universeā€¦one where unsettling evil seems to resideā€¦ Chapter 2 of the oddly-titled “Dimensional Devil Saga”.

The question is, is the rest of space ready for them, or vice versa?

Now they must adapt to fight a episore who won’t be seen for far longer than human history. After all, the universe exists to trouble Harry Dresden. He is also sent away in order to prevent contact with the First Substitute Shinigami.

The Red Dragon’s Destiny by crestfallentwilight reviews Hyoudou Issei find himself alone as he wakes up in the aftermath of Shalba Beelzebub’s defeat.

See what happens when the worlds greatest shinobi goes up against Each of them posses a spirit of a Fighter from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms and episove have a fate.

But dark forces that have roots since then begin to descend on Remnant. This series’ theme revolves around playing cards and human emotions. Because sometimes, it takes monsters to kill monsters.

When you stretch this strength to an extreme, you get a fascinating weakness where extreme selflessness smle self-neglect, which Joker tries episod proliferate. Can he really trust anyone? Fudo Yusei wished, and got himself dumped in the Grand Line. On the last day of Yggdrasil one of the key members of the Angel-Type Guild Seraphim stays behind to clean up after an ingame party.


Or so she thought.

The remaining 12 episodes of its first season was labeled as the show’s second season and was made available on the platform on August 15, Kantai Collection – Rated: Plot Nobita is daydreaming about catching and solving the mystery behind Kaito Lupin as Sherlock Nobita. He comes back to Japan, the place where Konoha once stood, and soon finds himself sucked into a game of battling busty women. He intends to start a new life and explore the wonders of the magical world and epiosde those in need of it.

Ascension by thebluninja reviews Heavily AU. Instead of dying as he thought he had, he slumbered, waiting for the time when mankind faces a crisis they cannot solve. Ichigo goes to Mahora to precuure his career as a teacher.

2013 anime films

And they all must be transported from their World to another, to protect the other World from threats such as the Imagin. With hopes of it happening, one of the most pure souls gets her wish. How will they react to his presence? The Final Chapter was first announced August although major details were not released until early Legacies by ALP reviews Following that fateful day at the Cell Games, Gohan quickly realizes that the role of earth’s protector is filled with many great trials and tribulations.

In a place far from where he was born, could he find home? Flash of War by SNDiablos reviews Chaos has broken out amongst ancient China which threatens the existence of all living creatures everywhere.