Retrieved from ” https: Rufus is identified as a potential boyfriend and Lily becomes Jas’s dating coach. Jas Salford 29 episodes, Archie Lyndhurst Script Editor 3 episodes, Mia Sands Meanwhile, Mr Salford has been asked to make a presentation to become the area youth hockey rep. Meanwhile Mr Malone is in charge of putting together and burying a school time capsule. At first Ollie is flattered, but he soon becomes fed up with Maxwell beating him at chess.

Martha and Lily get the flu and can’t compete against each other in the school quiz. Benson 1 episode, Lauren Mote She accidentally passes the cold on to Martha and they both have to take a few days off. Lily suggests staging a mock wedding so Jas can have a rehearsal – with herself and Rob as the bride and groom! Mrs F recalls the favouritism given to Belinda Watts while they were both at the school and she still resents it seeking some revenge. Martha and her mum are going, but who will get the third precious ticket. When Jason and fellow sixth former Sophia organise a charity basketball tournament, Jas signs them all up to it in an effort to impress him. The books were due back that day and as Lily doesn’t want to get banned from the library she makes up Clementine to say that Clementine lost the books so Jas tries to make Clementine as convincing as possible, but even more trouble is about to happen when she get carried away.

Cassie Coulton 19 episodes, It is decided the role will go to the one who can come up with the best outfit design. Rennison 18 episodes, Lily is delighted when Rob buys her a present for the first time – only it’s a horrible bug-shaped brooch! Grown up Jaz 1 episode, Danny Griffin Script Editor 3 episodes, Mia Sands By contrast, Ollie is sick of being treated by the others as one of the girls and Rob agrees to teach Ollie to be more ‘boy’.

Unfortunately, this is not as easy as it seems. In the end, Martha goes to ask Mrs.

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After failing to convince Martha to take her, Mrs. Sofia Matthews 12 episodes, Griggs gives her a letter to give to her dad, and hides it thinking that it was a date offer. Views Read View source View history. Not wanting to drop Lily in it, Jas tells Rob she stole the brooch because she’s in love with Rob herself and is episose jealous of Lily.


Even Rob himself starts to worry that there’s something wrong with him. He’s so chilled out it’s like he doesn’t care! Mrs Griggs is worried that when Martha leaves, the schools grade average will fall and they will lose the funding for the library that she manipulated to be named after herself.

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When Jas enters Mrs. No-one wants to be Jas’ partner for Experiment Friday, as her science projects are always too crazy and ambitious – meaning she gets really low marks. Rob’s so easy-going he simply can’t get angry. Robert Edwards 13 episodes, Raif Clarke Catch Up television in Australia. Lily thinks she would be the best candidate because the task is to organise a fashion show and she is more creative. Martha is offered a place in the elite ‘Greatacre’ school, facilitated and encouraged by Martha’s mother Mrs Fitzgerald and her own ‘Path to Greatness’.

Ollie avoids Martha’s attempt to work on their project to create a phone app controlled by blinking.

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Martha and Ollie exclude Cassie and Maxwell from the maths quiz team. When Rufus asks Martha out and she says no he figures she must already have a boyfriend and guesses it’s Ollie.

Dirty tactics are employed by Mr Malone – he steals Episoxe Parfitt’s coffee supply, so she’s super-sleepy and unable to teach and tries to find out how she produces real smoke from her model volcano in class – almost getting himself blown episose in the process.

Soo, Ollie wants to prove to everyone else that he is better than Dr. Utterly defeated by the baby app’s constant crying and demands they palm ‘baby’ off on Cassie and Maxwell, who in turn are soon at their wits’ end. Jas realises that she really needs to help him achieve his own personal goal – spending time with Martha! She is nearly beaten, but proves that her mother didn’t sign it.


Jas looks after the school locusts and becomes devoted to them; Lily’s attempts to cover up the locusts’ escape from her rapidly get out of hand. Rob believes this, but now Lily and Jas have to pretend to fall out and Jas has to pretend to be in love with an unnerved Rob! – Latest episodes So Awkward

Jas is crushed when she finds out that Jason is dating Sophia but ends up supporting the pair. Lily goes all Bridezilla.

Meanwhile Rufus, who has a big wbc3 on Martha, is helping her with her conversational Spanish. Retrieved 12 October When Mrs Griggs announces that the library campaign has been successful, joy turns to horror when the girls learn their favourite tree will need to be cut down.

Roxy 1 episode, Fiona Clarke Jas Salford 29 episodes, Archie Lyndhurst Cassie Coulton 19 episodes, Kay Purcell Lily is determined to kiss Matt to prove they really are boyfriend and girlfriend, Martha and Ollie do a project on the transfer of germs, and Mr Malone suspects Mrs Griggs is flirting with him. Martha stays at Jas’ house.

Mufti Day is arriving, and Lily doesn’t want to wear one of Jas’ quirky and weird outfits again. Jones 4 episodes, Dan March Griggs 25 episodes, To add insult to injury, Martha’s mother tries to muscle in and redesign the collection. Meanwhile, Martha becomes an accidental rebel and risks her place on the chess team.

Martha wants to be project manager so she gets to meet her business hero Sir Adam Salt. Jones 4 episodes, When she gets there though, she discovers Jas’ house awjward a mess and spends ages cleaning.

Martin 4 episodes, To avoid being told off by scary Librarian Mrs Jones when she loses her library books, Lily invents a fictional classmate to take eo blame.