The tears of unfathomable sadness, indeed. The cat-and-mouse that emerges between Cartman and the fifteen year old bully, Scott, goes onto yield some of the show’s most memorable content and some of its finest laughs. Willkommen zum South Park Wiki. Though unfortunately despite his efforts nothing works mainly because Cartman isn’t thinking hard enough at least that what it seems and sadly is getting thwarted by Scott, which just all the more make me want Cartman to win. Cartman later realizes this was a scam and asks for his money back, however Scott will not give it to him and humiliates him further. We always knew Eric was evil, maybe not this evil MrDudeless 26 August And some of its suspense stories involve revenge.

I don’t know what to say after seeing this episode. The last three minutes are some of the most cruel things in South Park how cartman straight up kills scott’s parents. Go on the internets, youtube probably has it and watch it. Scott tricks Cartman into buying his pubic hair, and refuses to give the money back. It’s hilarious from the pubic hair, to RadioHead, to cannibalism, to chili. I like it, because it makes fun of things which are really stupid, it’s funny and it has messages about life. She’s all drunk and spreading her legs and showing her poonaner to everybody!

Is it among the show’s finest?

A Star Is Born 7. The final scene is as dark as the show has gotten to this point and it does not hold back. Although to me south Park is all about touching on subjects no-one else even dares poke with their staff of political correctness everything from AIDS to Islam and from Guitar Hero to Barbara StreisandI appreciate a fine piece of work like this scoht.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. A Star Is Born 4. Both Alex and Cartman are originals — bad men to cross, good men to have as friends.


I’m not going to tell you what it is! Willkommen zum South Park Wiki. He decides to get Tenorman’s favorite band, Radiohead, to come to town for a chili festival, then have a specially trained pony bite off his penis. About halfway through the episode, he said, “This isn’t that funny.

Scott Tenorman Must Die

That’s why he revealed a portion of his plan to them. Only the last joke was funny.

Trey Parker as the voice of Cartman in this episode is particularly amazing, especially in the scenes between Cartman and Tenorman. Scott Tenorman voice Eliza Schneider But this is like the typical revenge movie format, which I don’t care for.

At the end of the episode it was really dark. I prefer their silly ideas like Scuzzlebutt, Tree Fiddy and the over-the-top portrayals of movies like “You Got Served”. It also features the band Radiohead as guest stars, a rarity in itself. That expression was never used again.

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Because it’s never too early to plan Thursday night Use the HTML below. This is Hitchcockian thriller at it’s best. Since it has been talked about so much, I already knew the ending, so that in itself takes away some of the shock.

Definitely one of my favorite episodes. After being persecuted by Scott Tenorman while begging for his It shows how evil Cartman can be, and how crazy and dark the world of South Park is. Was this review helpful? Start your free trial. I put up a spoiler warning just in case anyone wants the onlkne to stay completely secret, you’ve been warned. In the end the revenge is more evil and Cartman darker, than you can ever imagine Though unfortunately despite his efforts nothing works mainly lark Cartman isn’t thinking hard enough at least that what it seems and sadly is getting thwarted by Scott, which just all the more make me want Cartman to win.


Scott then tells his parents that the pony Cartman is going to use is being starved to death, and that he has too much dif and can’t save it. In their absence, he makes a batch of chili that’s filled with pubic hair from all the boys in town.

This is my third favorite episode in the show, this is my favorite from Cartman as he is at his best or you could say worst, onlin also shows how black Cartman’s dark psyche really is. The onlline really makes and breaks this ending.

There are more jokes and plot twists in this minute episode than in any comedy movie.

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Scott Tenorman Must Die 11 Jul I agree this episode was the best episode ever made. Still, although Matt and Trey’s story lines can sometimes seem like a rodeo ride on acid at an arts and crafts store, and I say that with nothing but love towards the holy Creators “Scott Tenorman must die” really showed musg true potential.

Main protagonist takes abuse after abuse until they finally get their revenge right at the end of the show.