Alejandra Gollas Trauma Nurse. Phillips wants you on the edge of your seat, shell-shocked, jumping at shadows. Clearly, there are not a lot of examples of power electronics or industrial acts who use leftist or traditional anarcho themes — they are far outnumbered by those who use themes from the right; but despite this apparent gulf, they share similar tools and methods of attack. Dave hat alte Fear Of God Aufnahmen zerschnippelt und wieder zusammengebaut ohne fremde Elemente beizumengen und es dabei fertiggebracht, einen voellig eigenstaendigen Sound zu entwickeln, der einfach alles niederwalzt in seiner dichte und Gehetztheit. But his solo work on At the Heart of It All comes down from all of the aggression of the hardcore scene for a collage of found sounds out of the Amazon. He sees the world as a closed system of violence, but there is agency that humanity can take even as the fleeting potential for enlightenment is under threat from technology, dominion and commerce.

Total buzzing black doom industrial noise nirvana, lumbering and druggy, minor key and surprisingly melodic. Such fidelity to the cause of unholy screaming and hyper-tight edits is all too rare amongst fickle scenesters, and should be applauded. Doch immer wieder, ohne jegliche Vorwarnung und ohne erkennbaren Rhythmus, versucht Phillips das stetig rollende Aussen im mal scheisswuetenden, mal angewitzelten Schrei um alles oder im Auswurf stehender, elender analoger Kotze zu brechen weniger aus Wut denn aus Hilfosigkeit oder beidem. Yet bum slapping, demonic grunting and female moaning aside, the manner in which he fuses multiple layered bird calls, static, a loud and persistent heart beat, a swarm of flies, street sounds, accordion, doom piano and other goodies will have your average filed recording nut in fits of pleasure. That cold and beautiful weekend in Bristol, that all who attended till this day regard as one of the best festivals, I was blown to pieces. The latter turns out to be a wonderful abstract film with a great moody soundtrack, a bit of piano and a bit of drones.

Animalistic voices are fused into almost orchestral chords, swelling up and evaporating into nothing.

Archaisches — auch dieses Wort muss fallen — findet sich auch in den monotheistischen Religionen, im katholischen und v. Also the music recorded separately works wonderfully well, and I never had the idea of listening to two different things, stuck together on one tape. Species 3 – Trailer. It has for me the same captivating feel to it, but a strong love for anything ilaxxon based is quite in place here.

Species 4 The Awakening KLAXXON

All in all an excellent package. Ia telah aktif lebih dari 25 tahun, memiliki rilisan dan telah bermain sebanyak pertunjukan di 38 negara.


When listening, you instantly get a feeling of blood and sweat, of the subtifles body up close and personal. He has cut and pasted song parts and has come out with this album.

Along the lines of what you already know something new is added and it immediately sounds like it has always been there.

I forget the bullshit, macho, beer-swilling posturing of the countless shitty Noise acts; the sicko-puerile fixations of the goofy mini-mixer twiddlers. Da das Ohr immer offen bleibt, kommen wir awa,ening nicht umhin, die andern zu erfassen und notgedrungen kennenzulernen. The disc comes with a short essay from Phillips on the transformative nature of this experience as well, explaining the reasoning behind the title.

Yes, this is the same Dave Phillips who recently produced a beautiful album of field recordings. This release has a depth that reaches beyond where most music and art attempts to go, and when they do attempt to go there they do not successfully delve awakebing far as R.

This CD collects 31 pieces recorded by Dave Phillips from to They were raw traditional grindcore with obvious noisecore and noise-rock influences. My breath is being taken away by the sheer power and immensity of the music. The noise they create on this collaborative effort is a mixture of fast cut-up harsh noise, musique concrete, pseudo-ambient and electro-acoustic music.

Als dat allemaal nog niet genoeg is, mag je in het fraai vormgegeven boekje nog een essay van de hand van Uwe Schneider over Dave Phillips lezen, en heeft ieder nummer van enlgish audio cd er een bladzijde met een fijne foto. Active for odd years in multiple artistic fields including appearances on almost releaseshis contribution here to dpecies DVD ths of the release is characteristically challenging.

One of the first releases on the new label Schimpfluch Associates is also a superb one.


Een goed detail; beide platen werden gemastered door James Plotkin. Here we have somebody who has thought about the whole genre of noise and how to keep things of interest.

Sometimes, when I see a film, or hear an album, the experience is so intense and affecting that I essentially refuse to experience it again — probably for fear of spoiling that initial exposure. Dave Phillips live, or Dave Phillips live and then edited?

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Here, the Schimpfluch-Gruppe is represented by Rudolf Eb. Even without the video component, a thoroughly absorbing excursion not only for Schimpfluch afficionados and a genuine piece of Phillips in all of its obnoxious beauty.


The pacing of the album rises and falls with these silences. Many could display rather comfortably on a screen in a respectable art gallery. Phillips also uses unpleasant tones and frequencies, like the dissonant trumpet strangulations in The Self Some Imagine Surviving Death Is A Phantom Even In Life — yes, subtutles could throw po-faced pretentiousness at some subttles the titles, but their weight is genuine and carried through; something like The Self… brutally works the brain.

Although occasionally there are longer tracks, such as number seventeen no titles. Now, listening to ten pieces with a total length of minutes is quite a demanding thing and probably not one that one should do all to easily.

The second set is more extended and makes more use of dynamic tension, with long periods of silence populated by nothing but a ticking metronome before the introduction of tortured vocals and split-seconds of warped electronics gives way to an electro-acoustic pile-up with all of the avalanching power of the The New Blockaders. We know what we need to do as a society, but we are absolutely unwilling to give up the power we have accumulated.

The songs 61 total wpecies go over the forty second mark and follow no pattern nor formula. Es ist Blossoming Noise hoch anzurechnen, dass all die verstreuten Tracks von des Schimpfluch-Mitglieds auf einem Album vorliegen.

Subtitles for movie Species 4 The Awakening Klaxxon

Field-recording album ini tidak tje sama sekali teknik manipulasi suara, dan hanya menggunakan mikrofon binaural serta sebuah minidisc-recorder. Phillips crams 99, mostly micro-short, pieces into one full-on minute adventure – some tracks are pauses with pure silence, others are tape rewinds and silly sounds ala Woody Woodpecker.

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But for its unflinching gaze and the brutality of aspects of the subject matter, this seems to be used with clear intent to shock the viewer out of complacency and to highlight a central message of respect for ALL animal life. Slecies segunda parte de este pack consiste en un DVD que recoge parte de los trabajos del artista multimedia Dave Phillips.