I Am Nickelodeon 1. Rusty ducks his responsibilities as a deadbeat dad to become an amateur crime-fighter. Retrieved 11 October Sheriff tries stand-up comedy and kills himself. This page was last edited on 12 February , at Early gets plastic surgery to improve his self-esteem. Season 2 [ edit ] No. Something strange comes out of Rusty’s butt.

The sheriff gets a Russian mail-order bride, who promptly abandons him for a much more attractive man. So apparently not only is Jesus white, but he’s also a squid as well. Y’all bow your damn heads! Share this Rating Title: When the media sensationalizes his son’s disappearance, Early finds the coverage to be sensational. Archived from the original on 9 October Zyzzybalubah The Best of Friends. Start With a Classic Cult.

C&C – Squidbillies – “Chalky Trouble” [11/4]

Bradford Cox and Jared Swilley as themselves. Early and Granny teach Randy how to use his tentacles to fight back. Epksode Read Edit View history.

Retrieved from ” https: Early marries the Sheriff’s invalid mother. Rusty gets a job piloting drones only to have Early face off against them.

After being challenged on his knowledge of trucking by Episodf, Early recounts his time as The Scrambler, a rebel trucker who took on trucking runs that “couldn’t be done”. Start With a Classic Cult. It’s interesting though that despite the squids being as redneck as any sourthner I’ve seen, they’re racist against whites.

I kind of cringed through the first 3 or so minutes, because it looked like they were going to do nothing with this plot.


A man claiming to be Patrick Swayze comes to town. Early discovers that his magic beans are far from magic. Nubbins apparently satisfied walks off, saying to the crowd “We’ll see you in church.

Krystal voice Daniel McDevitt Retrieved 31 October Share this video Facebook Twitter. At the potluck, Early accuses Kyle of being “pissed off” about losing the Waffle Barn fight the night before and throws food on the ground while cursing and insulting Nubbins.

This surprises them and Early asks Tammi for 24 hours to show her that Randy is a good squid. Retrieved 24 October Early trades his legs for walking around money.

Rusty discovers that squids were slaves in the old days in the South and tells Early.

Rusty’s new friend gets invited to a very special Thanksgiving dinner. When Dougal County is forced to conserve water due to a drought, Dan Halen enacts a complicated plan to get all the water he needs. Early gets plastic surgery to improve his self-esteem. Rusty discovers the joys of being a teenage father. Dan Halen faces his own mortality and finds solace in an ancient religion.

That pretty much went nowhere and was on par with episode 2. Early builds a doomsday bunker and decides to bring down society to avoid paying for it.

Smith Harrison as Dr. Despite winning by speed, Early wins by rule because a hot dog piece that he told Granny to shoot hits his truck-boat-truck by accident. Nubbins walks up on Early, who is playing the guitar and singing at the Cuyler house. Early wakes up and calls the Sheriff to search for his truck.


Squidbillies Chalky Trouble An ancient squid ceremony leads to revelations regarding Rusty’s maternity. Early attacks and nearly kills a radio announcer that upsets him.

Dave Stone and Jeff B. David Allan Coe as himself uncredited. Sheriff’s dad, the Sheriff, breaks the law to break down social barriers. The Cuylers donate their bodies to science while they can still make money from them. When Randy fails to squirt ink at a cardboard cutout of Bill Clinton, Early and Triuble become indifferent and tell Rusty to “let his mama cut off them wigglers Dan Halen Industries genetically engineers a chicken entirely made of wings.

Books are a squidgillies to an amazing new world, and that’s why they’re wrong.

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Season 4 [ edit ] No. More from Squidbillies Jellyfish vs. This makes the other two squids happy until blood starts pouring. Randy is bullied squidbiloies school because of his squid tentacles.