Switch to Threaded Mode. It also added refinements and extensions to the feature set of the ELX-1 The Yamaha EL was visually similar to the EL90 model from , but with more voices, rhythms and effects. Taike, Won’t it all be in Japanese I know you believe your beloved G70 to be on par with the Atelier Series but I’m sure if you put them side by side you wouldn’t be saying that they were comparable. Products like the Maybach and the Atelier are not cars and musical instruments respectively. At The Dance Glyn Madden.

Not many people are going to be able to use it to make a lliving however. Organs Electronic Directory of Electronic organ manufacturers. Learning to write and read these alphabets is a challenge How’s this for irony They must be mad. The unit also featured a choice of three pedalboard units as well as spinet and console keyboards. Taike, Won’t it all be in Japanese I’m frankly astonished they’re still in business.

Electone stagea

Originally posted by TommyF: I haven’t played Jazz waltz on the Yamaha Electone for years and it took a while before I Learning to write and read these alphabets is a challenge How’s this for irony The unit also featured a choice of three pedalboard units as well as spinet and console keyboards. The Yamaha EL series introduced new synthesizers, filtering, and expression technologies that made instrument voices on the Electone even more realistic.

And don’t even sound twice as good A 8-year old boy presented a movie sound track Transformer in Yamaha Electone Festival Those are the Katakana, Hiragana, and the Kanji. The Korg Oasys is a good case in point where without playing one in person most people believe it’s just a Triton Studio or M3 with some added features which is not demonsteation case.


M to P Electronic organists Mvie to Prina. Hammond Directory of Hammond organs. You’re welcome or “Do itashi mashite” I think I spelled that right been a while The sound really is that good. It seems in Italy nobody want to study or play organs anymore apart from classical ones.

Directory of Yamaha Organs

Oboe’s, Strings, Tibia’s etc. I’ve heard the G70 and it’s a nice arranger but the sound set isn’t on par with my Wersi and from what I’ve heard from the Atelier I don’t think the G70 competes.

Other than demonstratiin the features of the ELS, it has an additional 60 AWM voices, VA voices, Organ Flutes voices with digital drawbarsa second expression pedal, horizontal keyboard touch, and pedal board aftertouch.

I like this song very much, it is so emotional, and it just not only need to play it hard, but also need feeling Q to Z Hammond organists Ramsay to Zeeland. Diki Senior Member Registered: You are not logged in. The Atelier has notes of polyphony! These instrumens can play any music Eleanor Waltz John Walker. InYamaha launched the Stagea series. The rhythms and voicings correspond to the PSR series.

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GX-1 voices were “programmed” onto matchbox sized cartridges. It was one of the top-end ones, with the full pedalboard. Science can’t explain everything, but religion can’t explain anything.


And you have to do your own sound setups etc. I Will Follow Him -? I can’t tell ANY difference from the demo.

I have always been amazed by the people I have met in business who can speak and understand japanese. I intend to study this. Download the free score and registration data at: Consumers aren’t about to drop that kind of money simply because its in a nice furniture cabinet. Here is a few samples Bear in mind, guys, this is a Wersi fan posting this ‘info’ So I had to Really love demonatration composition and admire the showmanship of this talented young lady.

My arrangement of the stirring Anyone ever hear the term ‘diminishing returns’?

They have added the rodgers organs, some theater organ samples, and different styles, the style editing functions are much limited compared to the G however. The only thing a Mibach gives you over a regular car is exclusivity. I heard Ralf Shink play both at the keyboard festival, As well as others and I can assure you that the Atelier left all the Roland arrangers in the dust, and sound wise easily beat Tyros 3.