More great sites from Kalmbach Media: For Cilicia Karatepe, etc. It is by no means accidental that the physical sciences in their modern form emerged when and where they did, that is to say, in the Europe of the 16th century. We must look to the Greco-Levantine interface more broadly. The second, being quite late ninth century , raises further historical issues and needs more convoluted argument; it is analyzed in Appendix D. O sweet-sounding, holy-voiced maidens, my limbs can Carry me no farther.

So a few minute long description of a historical figures ideas, based on writings hundreds of years old, about complex beliefs and political intrigue, created so the greatest common denominator watching tv fairly late at night on a Sunday…was not quite accurate? Science works by constantly testing new ideas. Even the Olympian god would not be what he is without this darker dimension. Harrington , 2: This along with the numerous Catholic scientists at the forefront of discovery should inspire the shows producers to celebrate this collaboration and not widen the gab of misunderstanding. I have already noted the faulty cultural assumptions beneath the view of J. And what do we know of the trial? You Inquisition apologists are too much.

Just as I take you for your word, I also take Steven Soter at his word. The Talents of Kinyras Well, to begin with, anyone who can duly note a difference between the Tree of Knowledge vs. Kinyras, Kothar, and the Passage from Byblos: I agree on these points as well. Powell suggests that Cosmos should have featured the English astronomer Thomas Digges instead of Bruno. See p, —, Mari and the Amorite Age: I am not an expert on Bruno and the Renaissance, but I do know a few things based on the standards of my field and where it has gone in the past 40 years.


All a person did, in that era, was to assert publicly that he did not hold the view he was exploring, which of course was commonplace.

Part II: Kinyras on Cyprus

He was there as an example of how new ideas meet resistance from vested interests. Those who are really going to go somewhereyoung minds need to stretch their intellect as much as possible. Is that historically inaccurate? Finally — medieval science is often portrayed as backward and dark, but in fact there was a rich tradition of medieval science without which there would never have been a Copernicus to begin with.

Of course, this would be an absurd way to look at history. You must gloss over some, you must simplify.

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Moreover, in those same universities, all of the founders would have imbibed the two fundamentally theological assumptions that made the modern sciences possible, namely, that the world is not divine — and hence can be experimented upon rather than worshipped — and that the world is imbued with intelligibility — and hence can be understood. Aristonikos may, however, merely be offering his own interpretation of the divergence so Duentzer This occurred only within Italy.

This manuscript is not the same as It is certainly a story worth telling, but the fact is that the animation sequence was historically inaccurate. As someone who has read Bruno and his history before Cosmos aired, it is simply true that he was not persecuted for his scientific beliefs like Galileo was, but for his stells beliefs. See especially pn55, The simple issue is that it made him seem as if he was persecuted by the church for his scientific beliefs, and that was not true.

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We can use a lot more stelliss those epusode of people in our own time, whether in science or religion or elsewhere. The accuracy of the traditional attributions to Ephraim of these Greek writings, which purport to be translations of his works, is generally doubtful Murray Even the idea that other stars are suns has possible precedent a century earlier in the work of Nicolas of Cusa, who wrote this remarkable passage [with the emphasis mine]:.


But that has no bearing whatever on the value of his good ideas. Where is he getting his history of science from? Science hauled Galileo into court?

I ask that you please believe I arrive at this epissode not from malice. It is clear therefore that these forms reflect genuine Grecophone pronunciations.

I love the way your mind works. But what we are debating here is the Copernican era and the birth of the modern, mathematical description prat the universe. You assume so much more without evidence. The CHS is dedicated to the reassertion of the humanism of the ancient world, centering on Hellenic civilization in its widest sense.

A single – n- is metrically guaranteed for all by Greek poetic sources, variously from Homer onwards; they are equally found in spisode. But the contest in its present form has passed through Hellenistic or later hands. If you embrace in your thought all things at once, times, places, substances, qualities, quantities, you may understand God. Baurain in Aupert and Hellmann