But Taquar is not the only enemy; Sandmaster Davim is rabid in his hatred of the stormlords, and his heir — the Reduner chief Ravard — has his own agenda as well. And while Shale’s own highlords and waterpriests plot against him, his Reduner brother plots his revenge. One’s a straight up psychopath, though they obviously don’t have that word in this world. Neither of these things is over emphasized. It left the final sequences very lame and me as the reader with a very unfulfilled feeling. Follow ASIF reviews via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. That kind of integrity and compassion made me respect him more, and lent credibility when he would weigh options and consider the consequences of his actions.

What I love about these epic fantasy series is the way they weave a hundred plots together and in the end manage to lead us to a satisfying conclusion. The main character makes some retarded move five minutes in, that then starts the chain of events that lead to the movie. Only complaint is Ravard is not as great a villain as others. However, I doubt I will add it to my fantasy re-read list. The people are pretty much all poor, except for this elite group. The Last Stormlord by Glenda Larke? I personally think that the first book in the trilogy is the best, though all of them are great.

But Larke’s commentary goes on.

Things were good synopss bad, hard and easy, you know the cycle of tested and triumphs or losses. At the same time I’m a bit unhappy with how it all ends and I do feel that a massive case of deus ex machina is at play but this could be reading too much into it. Two books would have been much better than this drawn-out trilogy! At that point I wished that the author was going to continue the series. Terelle soon leaves for Khromatis to fulfill the waterpainting done of her by her great-grandfather Russett, and to ask some of their stormlords to help supply the Quatern.

I am used to this type of story building in a middle book, not in the first half of the series conclusion. Virtually nothing is said about whether their powers are even suitable I recall just one casual commenteven though this is a crucial factor in the entire trilogy.


Terelle makes it to her homeland and the first people she encounters are not only members of the ruling family risng also her relatives.

Stormlord’s Exile

As I said when I was about halfway through, the world-building and storyline are excellent but the characters seem lacklustre. I’m a fan of fast pace endings, but I know that some people think that this leads to slow beginning and middle bits.

Yes the best of books make me so angry at characters. Both Taquar and Ravard have enough depth to be depicted as more gray-scale villains, not pitch black caricatures.

The first book in this series was excellent.

I am happy to have read them. That’s how smooth the writing is. The action leaps off the page, supported by characters so well-drawn you fall in love with them, but in the hands of an author not afraid to kill off her darlings, which is a heart-pounding combination! There are many such characters in this book. At this point, I’m sufficiently invested in the characters and their world to care deeply about what happens to them.

This book is heavy on the emotions. There is something here for everyone who loves a good story and is interested in human nature with all its contradictions and ambitions, both admirable and misplaced. It’s clear the author isn’t a fan of religion. Larke avoids these pitfalls, and adds a layer of subtlety, and a spare, clean writing style, which make every chapter a joy to read. The main character makes some retarded move five minutes in, that then starts the chain of events that lead to the movie.

Score victories and come across new and powerful enemies. Other books in the series. Terelle continues to learn both her strengths and limits, as well as deal with her very complicated relationship with Jasper which thankfully does not involve any silly love triangles, despite the presence of another woman.

Ryka, in particular was a high point in the second book. I have no plans as yet to write another volume in the Stormlord series. But ex-Rainlord Kaneth, with the very able Ryka by his side, have a different vision for the future of the Reduner people, and this leads them, too, into conflict.


Her ending was probably the most shocking and interesting but shame on Glenda Larke for glossing over it so quickly.

Roundup: Stormlord Rising and Rage of Bahamut: Genesis | The Retired Blog

Original world and magic with real characters. Anything that deals with manipulating water gets a thumbs up from me. Forever Young Adult Musings on Books and movies. The bad news was the plot was totally obvious, and incredibly laborious.

The Last Stormlord

Sometimes this sort of language can be jarring, like the ubiquitous “Oh my gods! Book two continued in the same vein but added an all out war, making that volume fast paced and exciting.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: And how I love the pedes, huge insect-like creatures that are the main form of transport. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Terelle is on the run when an old man with the ability to paint pictures on water employs her as his apprentice—and paints her portrait.

I always like a book that makes me think, and there’s plenty here to ponder – the origins of religion, for instance, or the nature of prejudice each of the regions has its own set – Scarpen folk are scathing about dark-skinned ‘Gibber grubbers’, but perfectly accepting of sexual preferencesor the necessity for killing, even in time of war, and whether you would ever sacrifice the life of your own child for the greater good. Blog Statistics 46, hits. To ask other readers questions about Stormlord’s Exileplease sign up.

I feel this book finally makes the series worthwhile.