Maya learns about Sumit’s reunion party. Giants performs badly in the league, the other players elect Rajneesh as their captain. He takes Aliya to the doctor. Sumit stays at home to receive the delivery of the new curtains, while Rajneesh enjoys freedom in his new apartment. Maya scolds Sumit for taking Rajneesh’s advice. At home, he starts to mess the house and Rajneesh and Jasbir come over a lot more, Maya asks him to go back to the office.

Jasbir gets into an argument with Dolly, criticising her about the dahi kachoris she has made. Later, he asks for Dolly, Jasbir, Maya and Rajnish’s feedback. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. There he discovers that he forgot to bring Avi, whom Rajneesh brings. Full Cast and Crew. Harsha Bhogle as himself, Jatin Sapru as himself.

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Later Maya is dying to know why Sumit can’t do the same for her as he doesn’t even say, “I Love You” anymore.

He replaces the ring with a new one and throws out the fake ring.

Sumit asks Chanda to rejoin. Maya helps Sumit with his speech. Sumit stays at home to receive the delivery of the new curtains, while Rajneesh enjoys freedom in his new smuit.

Rajneesh confronts Sumit for taking credit of arresting the goons. Eppisode the priest learns that Sumit is Jasbir’s son, he absolves him immediately. In the end, Dolly also joins them. Views Read Edit View history.


Maya finds out about Sumit’s deed and Jasbir learns about Dolly ending her fast. Maya thinks that it’s because it reminds him of his own death, but Sumit later realizes that it was because of the cost of the fish and the aquarium. Dolly and Minti have a huge fight during the funeral about Sumit’s wedding and it’s up to Sambha to patch them up. Add Image S1, Ep2. Meanwhile, Sumit gets a spray-on tan and a new look. Later, he sides with his parents and insults Maya’s parents.

Pests inside Dolly’s house

Maya tries to convince Dolly too. Maya’s friends praise Sumit for sambgal them. The Walias celebrate Dolly’s birthday. He confronts Jasbir for being partial to his sons.

Later, Sumit is shocked to see Dolly and Jasbir at Rajneesh’s house. Sumit confronts Maya for dancing with his friend at the reunion party. Maya, Sumit and Rajneesh plan a surprise wedding anniversary party for Jasbir-Dolly.

Maya throws Sumit out of the house for his behaviour. Later, Rajneesh tells them that their scores got swapped. He takes money from Rajneesh, but fails to deposit it in his account.

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She informs Dolly that she will attend an interview. Maya, Aliya and Avi fall sick. Rajneesh Walia Manasi Parekh Sumit reminds Maya about her wish to live with his parents, a few years ago. Stars on the Oscars episoode carpet pick the nominees they’d love to work with on a project. Sumit informs Maya that Rajneesh is depressed after his breakup with Simran. Jasbir and Dolly show Sumit’s childhood photographs to Maya.


Sumit invites Jasbir and Dolly to meet Maya’s parents. From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars.

It turns out that Dolly has been stealing money from Jasbir and saving it behind his back. Add the first question. However, he finds Sumit eating at a restaurant. Maya tells Sumit that Dolly wants to learn how to cook healthy food. Maya becomes upset with Sumit because episoe is always late coming home from work. Sumit feels embarrassed when Dolly and Jasbir order Indian food. Jasbir is all motivated to form a kabaddi team. Dolly is shocked to discover her alienated sister,Minti, is coming to the funeral.

When a family member on Sumit’s side dies it becomes his job to give the eulogy at the funeral ceremony.