Retrieved 31 October TV by the Numbers. Elizabeth Cook Theme song performer: Rusty walks up and reveals that he actually did, saying “because I’m a squid: He leaves, taking food for himself when the Sheriff intervenes. When it runs out of fuel, Rusty and the Sheriff take his truck to a used car dealer hoping to get rid of it and use the money to buy Early an electric car. Squidbillies is an adult animated television series on Cartoon Network’s late night programming block Adult Swim. Early starts his own cult and marries a bunch of women in a ” Jim Jones ” like manner.

Early beats Rusty during practice. Hallmark’s ‘Switched for Christmas’ hits a high, ‘Walking Dead’ rebounds some”. Dave Hill and Joe Randazzo. Early and Krystal reconcile, but it doesn’t go well. Jason Isbell as Rev. Rusty receives a treasure map from his great-grandfather in a prison. Early, Rusty, and Randy follow.

Todd Barry and Anthony “Citric” Campos. Early battles his grandson, Randy, in a Woody scout pine car derby. Smith Harrison as Dr. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Rusty is reunited with his mother, Krystal, leading to questions and testing regarding his paternity. Retrieved 19 July Retrieved 11 October Chuck Leavell and Francine Reed.

Rusty questions his son’s paternity while Tammi dates Denny. Books are a window to an amazing new world, and that’s why they’re wrong.

Eric “Butterbean” Esch as himself. Early accidentally shoots Rusty while drunk. Early exploits himself for attention.

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Archived from the original on 9 October Early discovers to his delight that he can scam Dan Halen for money by injuring himself on the job.


Early becomes addicted episdoe a video poker machine. Patton Oswalt as the giant one-eyed squid. Early learns to deal with rage by punching it in the face.

Bradford Cox and Jared Swilley as themselves Theme song performers: A new judge sets out to punish lawbreakers. Early wears his “party hat” to church, upsetting the Pastor and God. Early gets drunk and argues with a peaceful goateed stranger at the Waffle Barn. Soilent Green provide the theme song. Jon Wurster as Skyler.

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Then the stranger steps to the front of the church and introduces himself as Kyle Nubbins, the new pastor, saying the reverend had left to syn to “a better place Dan Triandiflou as Rusty’s dad Season 5 [ edit ] No. Archived from the original on February 25, Brendon Small as the Devil. Dave Hill and Joe Randazzo Theme song performers: Season 3 [ edit ] No. Episodee steals Granny’s picture of Jesus and exploits the townspeople by hiding behind the picture and making demands.

After getting caught trying to steal apples, the Cuylers are forced into pig races.

Dan Halen introduces Proposition to overturn the laws barring liquor sales on Sundays. When they open their eyes, however, not only did Early not return the money, he also steals Kyle’s guitar. Early learns the importance of family, and profiting off them.

Early’s addiction to asbestos hats gives him a terminal disease, and the Sheriff decides to let Early have his last wishes granted. The Rapture occurs and various Dougal County residents ascend to Heaven, while others do not. Merry Christmas said 14 times. After Granny takes ill, Early has her personal effects appraised on a public television program and discovers a long forgotten affair with General Robert E.


Rusty walks up and reveals that he actually did, saying “because I’m a squid: Sheriff discovers alcohol at the world’s largest outdoor cocktail party. Retrieved March 16, First Presbyterian of Blue Ridge.

The next day, Rusty wins against half of the racers while Early beats the other half. Retrieved 1 November Meanwhile, The Cuylers have accidentally given away instead of sold their mud, leaving them no money for epieode to go muddin’.

Retrieved 2 August Mike Schatz as the scientist, A. A man claiming to be Patrick Swayze comes 131.0.13 town.

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Chad Ochocinco as himself, Phil Hendrie. Rusty receives a treasure map from his great-grandfather in a prison.

Sheriff’s father breaks the law to deconstruct social barriers. Denny challenges Sheriff for his job. A terminally ill Ga-Ga-Pee-Pap returns to make peace with his family before death, and also to “get them again” one more time.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Vernon Chatman as Shuckey the Corn Mascot.