A middle-aged dentist with an ulcer is not exactly evil personified. Castiel soon realizes who is behind the murders and Alastair’s escape: They track down the author of the book, who turns out to be a prophet named Chuck Shurley Rob Benedict. Meanwhile, Ruby goes to Alastair with the proposition of her handing over Anna if he will let her and the Winchesters go. Land where cultural lag mistaken for renaissance. Dec 6 , The characters speculate that Castiel has been attacked by other angels and dragged back to Heaven, where Anna fears that he will receive a terrible punishment for whatever he found out and wanted to tell Dean. This doesn’t make any sense, man.

Dec 13 , P no, next year next episode airs January Dec 6 , P Tracy’s smokin hott though Nov 28 , However, the Charlie they find isn’t the Charlie that they expect. Guest actor for Ezekiel was pretty amazing. Show posts by this member only Post

Jan 20 If you watched the version of this episode that aired on December 13,you heard the number they showed in closed captioning for Dean’s cell number.

Phantom Traveler

But torrent still not available. Jan 1 Sam tries to cure Dean and remove his demonic essence, but discovers that his brother doesn’t want to be cured. Why want to wait for torrent?

Cas had alot to learn to being a human IMG: Dean and Bobby then trick Sam and lock him in Bobby’s panic room to detox from the demon blood which he is now addicted to. Lastly, Castiel warns that hard times are ahead and says that he doesn’t envy Dean for what is to come.


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This episode has them investigate a murderous young female spirit inside the walls of a suspected haunted house in Stratton, Nebraska. View All Photos 2. Retrieved May 2, But his boss reveals himself to be the angel Zachariah Kurt Fullerwho after restoring Dean’s memories, explains the whole thing was to show Dean that he is meant to be a hunter.

Are you excited to see Penikett again, this time portraying the true villainous side of his angelic character? At the end of the episode, Chuck has a horrible vision of the future, but Zachariah prevents him from telling Sam and Dean about it. In Windom, Minnesotaa year-old boy named Adam calls Sam and Dean looking for their father, John, claiming to be his son.

One was at the end of last season when he convinced Sam not to close the gates of hell and the beginning of this season making the decision to essentially trick Sam into accepting the angel Ezekiel — who was actually the angel Gadreel. This post has been edited by MatchesMalone: And there will be hugs. Nov 7 D it says there jan 14th.

Jan 5 I’m interested to know more about this spin-off show they’re doing. Not sure what storyline else to explore.

1.04 Phantom Traveler

Ask Jeeves Episode 6. I had my angel blade. Dean finally finds the couple; he tries to kill Ruby, and, when Sam defends her, has a blowout confrontation with Sam about the dark choices Sam has been making, calling him a sexson. He believes that he is even worse than the feral children because they hadn’t understood what they were doing and took no pleasure in it, whereas he had in Hell, having relished the opportunity to inflict pain on others after having endured so much himself.


Not sure what storyline else to explore there’s a rumours flying around that Lucifer probably going to be the “big bad” next season.

The brothers find hex bags and deduce that a witch is sacrificing people to summon a dangerous demon named Samhain.

But earlier when they were in the car he said that it was episodf five-hour drive and they would never make it in time. Dean disagrees and goes to Castiel for help. The next day, Sam dramatically quits his job while Dean, after being offered a promotion by his boss, reconsiders and decides to quit as well.

TV network has finally announced that it will bring back Castiel for the upcoming season as Collins has signed on as series regular. Sam argues that he is able to save people and exorcise demons at the same time, but Dean reveals to Sam what Castiel had said.

Geoff Gustafson as Lou.