It made her an outside shot edgically speaking. She was the old school player who tried her best to adapt to new school gameplay, but ultimately failed against more savvier players. Ciera, Kass, Kimmi, Savage, and Tasha. He was blindsided by the Joe vote and confused over what had transpired. He might have been wrong about Kimmi, but he was right about the idol. Even if Tasha remains in control throughout the finale and makes it to the final tribal council, it seems to be too late. Last week, Kimmi finally recognized that she had been used as a pawn for 33 days and tried to take the game into her own hands. Her edit instead was focused on being her own player.

The episode was all about Tasha regaining control. Jeremy was quick to once again put an alliance together by having separate one-on-one talks with many of his tribe-mates. Again, we can use the opening segment as an indicator. This leans more to a CP edit. But Edgic is about looking at what the edit is telling us and the edit tells us that she is a very good player that has had to fight from the bottom and find ways to survive — that is how we are meant to remember Wentworth. But he received this tribal council focus because he was out of the loop and therefore provided great sound-bites to sell the confusion and panic of the immediate tribal council twist. Weeklies September 28,

She received very positive tone at the immunity challenge. So how do we differentiate the CP players?

She was the old school player who tried her best to adapt to new school gameplay, but ultimately failed against more savvier players. The first is something we have discussed the past two weeks — the lack of tone to her edit.

Survivor: Cambodia Edgic – Episode 13

Spencer, on the other hand, talked about how this time he needs to connect with people seaskn, and we saw him doing that with Terry, and he was on the 311 side of the vote. Tasha even takes control from him in Episode There is still that very slim chance she makes it, hence the edit not making her OTT and completely killing her off, but it is really slim.


Jeremy is now shown second guessing himself and worrying.

The snake was Spencer. The only CP people not to receive an introductory confessional were Shirin and Vytasand of course, Vytas was the first boot. Both Abi and Spencer voted against her.

It is a Final 3. That played a big part in the decision he made. He will be remembered for embodying the second chance theme and learning to grow emotionally. It made her an outside shot edgically speaking. Was he screwed just because of the Outcasts twist or was he always screwed because of his style of play?

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Maybe switch Kimmi as 5th and Peih-Gee in 2nd. Thank you all for following Edgic this season, I hope you have enjoyed our thoughts and analysis.

However, in the end, the edit told us that Spencer mismanaged those relationships, and it cost him the win. Note that our focus is not solely to determine the winner, as survivog typical of other Edgic sites. Is it the story of the family man that built a solid alliance to hide behind and diminish his own target?

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She was given the first confessional, she was introduced by Probst at the marooning and received a round of applauseand the first immunity challenge was based on her previous failures.

At the final five vote, rather than doing nothing like Tasha, Jeremy dictated the opposing votes by telling Keith to vote Spencer. Jeremy created an alliance based on family values and was playing to win for his family. Jeremy had almost always stuck with his people while Spencer had played the middle and flipped a lot.

He might have been wrong about Kimmi, but he was right about the idol.

This is a good sign for both men. Out of the eight MOR edits, five of them had a confessional in the season-opening: If we look back to the last all returnee season, Survivor: She stated as such herself. This time we see Wentworth in the centre seeason the shot:.


We all know how much Varner has been playing pre-game — he knows exactly how fast the game moves — but he is portraying a journey. They were all caricatures.

Even Sophie Clarke, the winner that is closest in edit to Wentworth, had a degree of tone heading into the South Pacific finale.

The penultimate episode was all survivlr up for the season finale. He is an outsider. Vytas Baskauskasthe victim seaxon the first boot edit.

That line came back in a big way in the season finale when Jeremy was concerned about Kimmi flipping. Both of them received the most long-term strategic confessionals of the episode. Eight people received MOR edits in the Cambodia premiere — almost half the cast! Her unpredictability and paranoia did seaxon inspire trust, and this is ultimately why she was eliminated.

Edge of Extinction Give Me Five! But her edit is too inconsistent to be a winner. Date December 14, The good sign is that an early OTTP edit means that there is a strong chance of making a deep run in the game.

But at the final six tribal council he was able to take some power back. It is very different from the cool and calm Jeremy that was in control earlier in the game. He reverted back to gamebot Spencer. Episode 1 February 24, Edge of Extinction Episode 1 Stats February 23, He was shown building the shelter, starting a fire, leading a yoga class, and winning the challenge. On the opposite end of the spectrum are those with episode one OTT edits. Villains despite not having much involvement with the strategy survivog overall story arc — but he was a recognizable character that the editors could rely on to sell the battle between the Heroes and the Villains.

The short confessional she was given was generic and situational rather than about her survovor strategy or thoughts on camp life.