I laugh at things! Originality, energy and powerful vocal performances are some of the elements that have made the unit rise to where it is. What was an initial curiosity for him about the genre all his girlfriends talked about, turned out to be something he started to gain interest in. Shounen Hollywood reading event I think everyone will have noticed. The unit disbanded with the end of the radio show and each member parted ways with Yuto being the only one fully active in the music business until date. In the middle of the street-!

I want yours too. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Cling on to me. Shounen Hollywood reading event Ashire Meros — Reading drama in And a path towards greatness awaits him. This topic was often picked up when Yuto debuted by some of his peers.

Why are you running away? If she fails to do so, Adonis will send a signal to release deadly poison through the collar and she will die. Taking our focus from that side of Yuto we focus our minds on his solo career in the music business. Out of Animarus — Nobunaga Shimazaki had the best breakthrough but Yuto and Koutarou are on their way.

This is not a secret in the seiyuu industry in Japan: Suddenly clinging to me like that…how embarrassing… [1. With such a versatile talent agency now backing him up, Yuto has grown significantly as an artist. The overall theme of each case is revenge. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Hypothetically I…well, what if…I mean yuuti a possibility….

This is so depressing. For reasons like those, the girls flock to the shop.

Shounen Hollywood reading event Are you making fun of me? This is even better than restaurant food! I want us to keep connected.


I want yours too. Will you take care of the meals tomorrow? Also because their space ship broke, they decide to crash at the pension which conveniently has enough rooms for all of them.

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Ah, there are still bubbles left here. When I go to France, strange guys might hit on you. This time we make place for one of the rising stars in the seiyuu business. After a few years since his enrollment in the professional seiyuu school in Tokyo and while working part-time around the area, Yuto finally made his debut as a voice actor in duzuki Japanese talent agency Dwango Artist Production.

Your place is this way. I want to xuzuki you voice. Right after completing high school, Yuto left his household in Yamagata with dreams of becoming a seiyuu and soon enrolled in a vocational school promoted suzkui Dwango Artist Production artist agency. Yuto Suzukiborn on 5, May, in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan is one of the rising stars in seiyuu business.

I love reading these digests, keep up the great work! Remember big fat spoilers ahead so jump to my final thoughts if you intend to play this game dgama which has been licensed in English for release in !

Yuto is a major otome gamer.

You know the one you made the other day covered in white sauce? At the very least you can bring drinks. The unit disbanded with the end of the radio show suzukj each member parted ways with Yuto being the only one fully active in the music business until date.

To break the pace set by our previous Seiyuu Digests we change our focus from the mainstream voice actors to the less known — but equally talented — seiyuu in the business. Why do I have to walk home together with you?


A little more gently, huh. I just sleep when I get back. However one day after work, someone drugs her, knocks her out and when she wakes up she finds her body is paralyzed in a church and she has a collar around her neck. There she meets a bunch of anthropomorphic jewels who treat her like their blow up doll while she spams her necklace powers in their faces. We have loads of other things that can make the genoise amazing. Cling on to me. Makai Ouji event Before I said I might be going to France in 6 months.

Love Bomber in Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Why do you want to know my name? I just had a great idea. Yeah, anything is fine. Suddenly clinging to me like that…how embarrassing….

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Go ahead and look. I definitely become a first class patissier like Hikami-san! They leave a coin with a cat symbol on it and a roman numeral that indicates the number of months till the count down. I laugh at things! Why do you live so close?

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There are so few Yuto fans out there that I thought he was being neglected. Whatever it is, just say anything. Of course, a first class pro.