Orville Stoeber as Saldez. LaCrosse grieves, believing that his son is lost forever. Related News Hulu schedule: I know you smell what I smell, too. The fight moves out onto the snow-scraper, a large metal beam on the side of the train. Leo Burmester as Shorty.

Brent Hinkley as Man on Porch. However, the agent soon has a powerful incentive to resume the chase: Start your free trial. That frees LaCrosse to jump Goodall. A woman is killed while babysitting a young boy; the killer takes him when he leaves the house. This is possibly the first movie I’ve seen where the killer had a human face and was not a psycho mastermind genius or a low-life loner with a chip the size of Manhattan on his shoulder. Lane Dixon Robert L.

A few months later a man and cleaning woman are killed at a motel in Amarillo, Texas.

Dixon is suggested as a prime suspect in the murders. Merle Kennedy as Betty. Quaid is a one-note sadsack here and no natural action hero.


Was this review helpful to you? Julio Oscar Mechoso as Jorge Martinez. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Robert Peters as Colorado Trooper.

The hunter is tracking the killer.

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Stuart Proud Eagle Grant as Luke. Lane Dixon Robert L.

Seanor, owned that verse up until “Mr. Edit Cast Cast overview, first switcnback only: Dixon knocks Goodall down just as LaCrosse enters the railroad car. Your folks are going to be home soon, and they’re going to get me if they see you’re still up. He also worries that cooperating with the suspended FBI agent might cost his own job.


Frank’s desperate pursuit leads to Amarillo, Texas, where two more victims matching the killers M. An FBI agent fluhct his son’s kidnapper to Amarillo, Texas, where two lawmen are seeking to use the case in their election bid. Joe Alphasa as Small Mexican Man. Goodall kills Tex, proving to Dixon that Goodall is the killer.

Post Share on Facebook. User Polls In Memory of R. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Goodall ambushes LaCrosse from behind. But since I’m only part-jerk, I shall switcchback minor internal conflict and illustrate for you examples of what anybody considers ‘perfect sense’ an original phrase by meand ye all shall understand more clearly when I can organize these concepts, shuffle history and collective personality up a bit, and re-deal a new more sensible existence.

Wahida K Super Reviewer. Leigh Reyburn as Woman in Bar. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email.

That frees LaCrosse to jump Goodall. He asks Dixon to look after the boy if anything happens to him.


Jeffrey Meyers Super Reviewer. Martin David Boyd as Hank. Olmstead discovers that LaCrosse has been taken off the case because the kidnapped boy is his son Andy. Missy, the Babysitter Ian Nelson Meanwhile, hitchhiker Lane Dixon is picked up by Bob Goodall, an affable drifter driving a white Cadillac.

Ted Levine as Deputy Nate Booker. At a mechanics’ shop where his car has been repaired, he kills again, drawing a knife on the mechanic, actually an gndenlose friend and former co-worker, because he spots a state trooper checking out the white Cadillac. When I found gnademlose that “You offend your lungs for speaking so loud” was originally said by that dude over years ago, I was devastated. Reconciled, Goodall and Dixon catch the train and ride in a car with Tex, another friend of Fluccht.

LaCrosse goes to that address; he finds his kidnapped son playing in the backyard of a house next door. Already have an account? I know you smell what I smell, too.