Sadly for our Finnish speaking arschlochs, who might be interested in said memoir, i don’t remember name of the book or writer. Originally Posted by copper. Not that much doing with the real life situation. But if it was done often, there are no sources that I know that would call it that common practise. Talvisota The Winter War – original 5-part miniseries with English subtitles. I haven’t been to a rondy in quite some time, but they used to be very popular at the doings.

But if it was done often, there are no sources that I know that would call it that common practise. Yeah, I noticed that. But the reasons that those poor Finns got torn up so thoroughly should be obvious: It was a very intentional and noticiable part of the scenes filmed. The first month was relatively “easy” time against bad soviet organization an tactics but later on the soviets adopted much more effective small unit combined arms tactics wich eventually broke the mannerheim line. Another problem, for me anyway. When movies want to portray foreigners of any sort, they hire English actors

Use depicted was a common response by soldiers. I have been looking for this with the subtitles for a while. John Kettler mentioned Finnish Snipers.

On balance, “Talvisota” was quite the viewing experience! The Allied soldiers are of course dubbed in German by Germans.

Whipping and whisking the body with sage brush in a high temp sweat lodge was like getting electrical shocks. Engliish, you could start by listening this. But it sure looks good!

Talvisota Full Movie English Subtitles Download

No way I would sit there in front of a computer monitor. I’d originally planned to watch the Tali-Ihantala film, but got confused!


Join Date Dec Posts 4, There was also huge difference in fighting ejglish the karelian isthmus and elsewhere. There was also much variation in fighting along the mannerheim line in itself.

Talvisota (The Winter War) – original 5-part miniseries with English subtitles

H1nd, An over 4 hour version? Originally Posted by Umka. It was in the sidebar on YT for Talvisota 89 English. Atleast one veteran in his memoirs tells that Molotovs in his sector was just to blind and stop enemy armor so that it could be finished off with high explosive charges.

Special Upgrade 4 Tech Tips. Youtube talvisita loaded with hundreds, if not thousands of documentaries, movies and etc. Nor did winter seem to be affecting the Russians at all in the film. Yeah, I noticed that.

Reason the splendid Finnish artillery was almost absent from movie was historical. In 2nd episode one of the characters suggests to take bolts from russkie’s rifles because they jam less. Overall we had no proper equipment or training Finnish homeguard Suojeluskunta did give pretty good sniper training engkish Army to my knowledge did not and staff-officers knew nothing about sniping. Better for filming, perhaps?

But they were hoping to add that feature “soon”.

The Winter War () MOVIE – IMDB (7,9) – video dailymotion

I almost wonder what could have been more than the three hour, Molotovs could’ve been thrown onto the fronts subtitkes the Ts and would’ve looked spectacular, but I doubt the tanks’ owners would’ve been happy with seared paint and combusted interiors, seeing as how the fires seen are real and not FX. Join Date Aug Posts 3, Was it the case and if so could someone please elaborate? It got to the point where every time I saw a Rata coming in, I flinched; much worse when the Tupolev SBs or whatever they were, came down and let fly.


I just tried clipgrab no subtitles. Did they get the Ts and OTs from Parola? But it’s the only game in town.

There is a fine old Italian saying “The translator is a traitor. And I don’t know how are the subtitles with the 4k-version. Originally Posted by NRA. Join Date May Posts Like in point of assault team. Something about exposed parts or an opening into the tank had something to do with it. Once the shooting started, the experience was utterly engrossing and showed, as I’ve never seen before, the remorseless nature of modern warfare and the macerating it does of the men on whom it feeds.

Don’t know whether it’ll be tonight, but Tali-Ihantala awaits. Nanking Massacre and Saving Private Ryan. All times are GMT One notable exception which I assume all here are familiar with was A Bridge Too Farwhich hired German—or at least native German speakers—to portray German characters.

Sadly the original miniseries probably won’t be restored any time soon. Artillery was crucial in stopping Red Army during battlers of summer Suvtitles just a “movie dramatization”-thingy.

That pronunciation sounds very accurate. Oh wow, talvisotw for that, But I probably will today.