Report on the Back Page. Leaders hope to end losing streak PARIS French First Division leaders Bordeaux and Marseille hope to rebound from two stunning defeats each this week, while struggling Nancy and Racing Club Paris have picked up new attackers to help them pull away from the threat of relegation. Saga Foodstuffs Manufacturing Pte Ltd, complaining that their. A chicken coop in a hotel? I S Eggcept ional Treats mT? Police said he had two panther tattoos.

I understand that an option available to me Is the purchase of a life annuity. The Straits Times Estd. Call to start third varsity soon hi II. If nothing is done to block the infections, most compa nies. But of course it would be unrealistic to expect all sports persons and their parents to. M, a Malaysian lorry driver, allegedly conspired with six other men some time between December. Cost poor excuse for cancellation, say angry fans Dominic Nathan But promoters now say cancellation was due to a matter of timing rather than cost By SKVKRAI, fans of pop group, INXS, whoso show hero next month has boon abruptly cancelled, have questioned why concert organisers had not. Maxwell station will be renamed.

Based on the emphasis in the first report, it is not unexpected that. Muthuveran, who lodged omir report against them with the Football Association of Singapore yesterday, declined to name the players saying that this. Gold THE kilobar market traded betweenand 5J After office hours, only death announcements are acceptable till.

Croup turnover rose to Ms4BB 34 million. They have urged bank customers to blot out the computer codes on their cheques or to write their cheques on blank paper in order to create an. No casualties were reported. Southern region administrator Stewart Winga said rescue workers had recovered bodies by Wednesday morning. What prompted me to conjecture that the man for he has grown up, certainly is getting serious again is the impressive music he has created on his new album.

Garden Green, badly damaged in a collision at the Spanish port of Algpriras will unload its cargo of Heroin-in-taxi trial A MAN will go on trial in the High Court for trafficking in g of heroin, an offence that carries the death penalty. Coffee sales up LONDON The world seems to be drinking a little more coffee, although not enough to cheer producers with the prospect of higher prices.


Tenants may soon be allowed to sublet their premises SUCK on sweets at your favourite provision shop, then call for the dentist in the same shop. So hop down to Cold Storage for the tastiest treats. M, a Malaysian lorry driver, allegedly conspired with six other men some time between December. Charms and customs If you go to Xunpu village in Fujian province, you will be greeted by lively women wearing flowers in their hair made up in a charming traditional style.

Mr Boris Pyadyshev of tqman Soviet. The 2, sq metre town will have a potpourri of shops selling antiques. Muthuveran left m he Is about to leave the stadlam la the company of linesman A.

Known for their knack of transforming a nobody into somebody, Japan, with more than 3, competitive bodybuilders, are viewed by many as the only Asian country capable of giving the Americans. The righteousness perisheth and no man lay el h it to heart And merciful men are taken away.

Attorney -General Mori Michael Havers told. Page 29 With high demand, things are looking up for ViTB grads: Falls led rises by to And Arthur Ashe offers a suggestion to give the game new life: Borrowing on the rise PARIS Overall international borrowing rose by 28 per cent on a yearly basis during the first nine months of this year, reaching an annual r.

Fifteen tamaan miners escaped unhurt AFP. Civil servants active in explaining policies [ARTICLE] Page 24 Civil servants active in explaining policies More senior officers involved in work once left to tamman THE civil service, at one time considered just an implementer of rules and policies, has stepped tamam from under the shadow of politicians to help them shoulder the task of explaining policies to the. Funeral held at Block Most of them will be added to the.

Fourth-round replay Liverpool 3 Coventry 1. The Straits Times Estd. The Financial Times share Index rose 4. Japan to open rice market partially: Pre and Power Amps are so good that they are. Life after the Wham! Parents to be briefed on national service PARENTS with sons about to enlist for national service are invited to a presentation on the subject at the dementi community centre on Dec 9 at 8 pm.


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Talks on HKend without agreement BEUING China and Britain ended three days of talks on Hongkong yesterday, unable to agree on a court of final appeal for the okri or on arrangements for its defence after it reverts to Chinese sovereignty in Partly cloudy with showers over a few areas from late morning.

Pan Pacific Hotel has resorted to rearing chickens by its pool. Lost 11 ticks to 0. Rock that may soon be the tock of the eplsode THE Swiss watchmaking industry, after the success of the colourful, low-priced plastic Swatch watch, seems certain it has another hit with the granite Rockwatch.

It said that even if all building of new private homes stopped now, it would take nearly four years to absorb the current. Saga Foodstuffs Manufacturing Pte Ltd, complaining that their. Edwards and Australian jockeys David Brosnan and Pat Trotter have been charged with conspiring to cheat at gambling.

He is being held. Lost five ticks to 0.

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MM is traded in lots of Ministry of the Environment Page The earlys print shows two men and a woman in the dressing rooms of a Paris ballet theatre. The 16, Americans, representing a Scenes of Malaysian life. TOKYO A section of an elevated monorail being built for the Asian lames in Hiroshima slipped off a support column yesterday on to a road below, crushing 11 cars and killing at least 14 people, police said.