One afternoon, while on his way to court, Jai having bashed up his car the previous night hops a taxi driven by Raghav with the hopes of getting there on time but one thing leads to the other and they end up in an accident. The film would still have had it’s appeal as a movie with a difference with a little less palpable tension. Although resting on opposite ends of the social hierarchy, they have one thing strongly in common–their ego. Somehow, I got the feeling that the producers of “Taxi Number ” needed the movie to run for the full duration of a feature film and were being forced to conjure up situations unnecessarily. Bollywood Best Thriller Movies. Jeevan, jeevan, dariya dariya, Ek jo paar karo, dusra dariyaa milay. Go and have some good time.

Alerts for your web-series’s next episode. Raghav is a poor working guy who’s had 23 jobs So , two great performances from the lead almost guarantees an enjoyable movie , but WAIT The film is very good till the interval with lots of comic punches but tends to bore you as it progresses after the interval. Still, well worth seeing. But “Taxi Number ” is different thanks to two some great directing and excellent performances by the two lead actors.

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Taxi No. 9211

HoweverI give the movie two negative points for some little things here and there. Direction is above average, plot intriguing, character portrayal good, cinematography also good lures you to visit the real mumbaiabove all a nice cameo by Priyanka Chopra in the end.

It’s not a bad movie or anything but in the end it would be known as a film which promised more but delivered less. The chemistry between the two lead actors is what makes the movie worth your while.

And she said “Hey man, I wanna take that train. Thats what I learned from watching the special features of the movie. And, the exceptions are the mofie cops who are above this sort of thing! Click to get your Free Dashboard! Here are few examples- 1. I guess this sort of thinking comes from the way you’re brought up.

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Maybe John and Nana should think about working together again sometimes. First things first – so now, we know John Abhraham can act a bit careful – don’t set your expectations too high.

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Fast-moving script with very sharp dialogue helped by strong direction as can be expected from the highly respected Sippy family. Jai is a spoiled brat from a rich family. For rest of the episodes, we provide direct link to original creator website. The under-rated Sonali Kulkarni takes reign of her character in the second half, owning her scenes even against a veteran like Pathekar.

Other than that, I think the director did a really good job. The movie starts out with a lot of promise. The musical dialogurs credits is fine and the first song is pleasing to the ears, though wasted on a tacky unimaginative picturization, dialoges it’s a fitting intro for John Abraham’s character, conveying the initial shallowness of the character.

However, most of the people are very energetic and happy about the fact that the movie is copied. After his father’s death, control of his financial empire did NOT pass on to Jai, however, and Jai is in court trying to prove his father had mocie will When Policemen frisk Nana Patekar for locker keys why can’t they find currency notes given to him by John when same notes Nana takes out at the time of paying school fees of his nl. I felt that the taxi driver’s role couldn’t have been performed better.

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Worth a dekkho going by the quality of recent garbage coming of bollywood. The judge gives him until tomorrow to present the papers and thus begins a cat and mouse game between the proponents. This film opened my eyes to Bollywood films, it is simply superb especially Nana Patekar an unknown actor to me up till this point, who suddenly entered my top five list of male actors. All in all a collection of good performances. Even that is shoddily done with so many holes that see the result yourself.


The unpredictable twists let the lives of the characters play out, and the story marvellously draws out the clash between the main characters, blurring the lines between a buddy movie and a duel.

Touted as one of the bravest battle ever fought, 21 courageous Sikhs countered 10, invaders.

And, from the folks I’ve spoken taaxi, this is the perception of the police in general in India. Tumhe lagta hai jab tak duniya nahi badlegi tum nahi badloge … lekin sach toh yeh hai ki, jab tak tum nahi badalte tab tak duniya nahi badalne waali. For whatever small roles she gets, she gives it her all.

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Chance encounter leads the two to their worst nightmares, with one waging for others blood. Add to thata great storyline when a whole lot of movies are being made “based on” or “inspired by” or “accidently similar” to some Hollywood moviesthis one seems refreshingly originalalthough I might be wrong.

From a refreshing concept, to superb acting, to pacy direction to some good music The story is pretty much really on the edge and most times dialgues with such stories end up being full of overacting, cheap jokes and loud music.

Batliwalawhatever the name of that actor. After all, the basic storyline would not have been affected by the omission of a few scenes of brawling and abusing. The screenplay and the direction was good.