Federico Danti as Jean-Jerome Jorge. Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa. I could easily get the Japanese version, but yeah Seo Gu Lee eps 5, , 21 Tomoko Sawada 14 episodes eps , , I like this season a lot better than the first, partly because I’m seeing all the weird shit start to come together, and it even makes sense. However, on some of the issues I definitely have some degree of favoritism for certain versions.

After reading the post again, the guy is arguing that character motivation is central to Kanon, but that the character’s feelings are key to understanding it. Carl and Theron’s Best of Jan 5, But hey, what can you do? Tags Tayutama, kiss, deity Media: Nothing much to this episode besides Yuuri juggling becoming female to go to separate classes and the cute way Mashiro says Yuuri-shan. There were quite a few people playing characters from that series this year.

Streamed Jun 5, Hiroyuki Kasahara eps Katsunori Oota eps Anyone think it might have been interesting to see remnants of her old personality mixed with mannerisms that are kind tayuhama like Chrono and Lindy’s? I think I laughed for about a minute at the end of episode 2 when Ninomiya put a sleeper hold on that girl.

I have plenty to keep me busy with.

I felt that the series really picked up with Minagi’s arc and especially Misuzu’s. True, comedies like AMG have plot too, but it seems to me a secondary consideration.

And if they fish out your meaning, well, they probably already knew it to start with. Maybe don’t shave for a few? While I was pumped to see the new Nanoha character designs you remember those Fate scans that made the rounds, right? Aside from Letter Bee obviously. Speaking of voice acting That’s what Neji’s yuri manga Beauty and the Beast Girl is working with, and they more than do it justice. As for Urd, I think a lot of people like her, but Bell can really wipe the floor with her in popularity polls.


Yukina is such a moeblob. Belldandy is gorgeous, but I don’t really know that I consider her “hot. I guess I should clarify some more.

The one that comes to mind as being the most depressing for the sake of being depressing is probably Saishuu Heiki Kanojo SaiKano. Notify episose of new comments via email. I’m not sure that you can really write Key off on the whole thing, though, since you’ve barely scratched the tayjtama of their works. I want to start another big topic of anime related discussion, but since I’ll be gone for a few days I’m going to wait until I get back to post it.

Fighting, as in people beating each other up with hand-to-hand or weapon combat. Itsurou Sasakura Yoshinori Sayama. Fujishima’s interpretation of her eyes, I’ve read tayutaka they were always purple and that she’s had several eye colours I think I can confirm blue in some of the recent stuff.

No clue why Capcom decided to delay the release date here. Again, it’s more or less what I expect so it’s really no big deal. I imagine you’re up to date with everything, but just in case: Toshiyuki Episods as Touma.

Tayutama: Kiss On My Deity 2 Streaming Videos Watch Online

As a bonus I leave you with this awesome bookworm girl Eruruu pic, which is actually somewhat related to the topic I’ll be posting when I get back.


Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Perhaps, the tayutai don’t devour human souls to recover their lack of celestial energy after mass usage.

If the topic goes way in depth on a certain point, that’s great, but I personally do not invest much of my time into thinking deeply about too many things. Dive to the Future. Sunoharasou no Kanrinin-san Tenrou: Isn’t that just how stuff works?

Tayutama: Kiss on My Deity Episode 12

Of course, I watch anime other places as well I’m not denying that both have loli characters. This last episode was basically a fan-service end.

When viewing something I feel strongly about it would bother me a great deal if someone else’s reaction to whatever’s going on does not match mine or, even worse, is completely contradictory.

Short on time, so didn’t click on the link. The basic root causes of his opinions, by my analysis are: Movie eps 11, 18 Frontline 11 episodes eps4, 8, 12, 16, 19, 22, Hee Won Corp.

No, even that does not give her justice. Keep up the good work. Also, perhaps they could have had only some of Hayate’s Knights permanently stationed with Section Six rather then all four of them.