As is sometimes monotonous and routine life itself. My films are whispers to the soul. Sabina a gasit un articol in slovena pe tumblr despre filmul Romanesc in care este pomenit si Dormi trezeste-te, cu un mic google translator iata ce a iesit: The rest is art. It focuses on three young people who seem to have been stripped of their very essence and turned into somnambulists, completely unaware of the unforgiving reality. Intre plasmuiri si disparitii. Ta monologue is full of questioning, denial and outright hatred.

Ma uit pe strada la oameni si simt ca ii cunosc de o viata chiar daca ma insel, chiar daca cu fiecare clipa in care ma uit, omul din fata se schimba si se schimba din nou. Lumea in care traiesc este, pe cat de noua, pe atat de lipsita de stimuli emotionali sau intelectuali. His portraiture is simultaneously intimate and cold, his film immersive and alienating, set in the world of eternal grays. Skip to content Piotr saw our film Beings from a post on the facebook group of the surrealmoviez. These commentaries on my films are utter against what I do but all of what he writes is true if we are aware of the essential difference in worldview between him and me. My films are whispers to the soul. Of course, if you choose this creative path.

On Tuesday we started filming. Asta si poate pentru ca nu cred in omul fix. It focuses on three young people who seem to have been stripped of their very essence and turned into somnambulists, completely unaware of the unforgiving reality.

Cele mai multe sint nespuse inca. Fiecare din cei trei e prizonier intr-un corp, ca un extraterestru ce poarta un costum din piele de om… Ca spectator, esti prins intr-un vis greu si apasator, in care mai tezue simti ce ti se intampla decat intelegi; ratiunea si pornirea ei critica sunt puse cu totul intre paranteze, ca si cum n-au existat niciodata.

Skip to content Piotr saw our film Beings from a post on the facebook group of the surrealmoviez. It started with the core team Andrei, me, Sorin Nainer and the assistant director, Sabina.

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On friday night, he sent me the script. Acestea ar fi frumos de gasit de oameni cu o pregatire mai intelectuala decit mine.


Lumea nu este a lui, el este o parte, parte egala cu toate celelalte formatiuni ale realului, ale imaginarului. A man impotent, clueless, without a vision, hezeu a language, without any emotional depth, senseless, principial. By putting trust in me, I was able to take some risks and to cross some borders, I had built up for myself some time ago. Noline would be great to find people to work with. Eva, wanting to escape her own skin, instead escapes from city life, at least for a moment, by lighting out alone into a decaying industrial wasteland, facing west toward the setting sun.

In texturi si emotiile inconjuratoare. I like safety — or always considered myself being someone that likes safety and is in love with clear structures as boring as it may sound.

Ma intereseaza mult nu sa fjlm idei, cit sa explorez zone umane foarte intime si secrete din om si dintre om si om.

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Even so, I do not advise anyone willing to learn film to follow a Romanian film school. Si filmul acesta este tot o incercare a mea de a descrie cu forme ultra realiste o lume ideala. My films are whispers to the soul.

Skorajda raw, flexible in their sexual perversion. Starting from a Eva, the film brings together a tormented love triangle, struggling with their own inner beings in an amalgam of guilt, love, lust, grief, loneliness, friendship, madness and fllm which contours the human existence.

Multumim mult mult de tot. This is the image of so called director of this movie I have in my mind. So having that in mind I post here bellow the first of his commentaries.

The amazing beautiful soul called Trisk wrote a review of our film: Some films you follow, some films follow you. A dark atmospheric underground no-budget production, which proves once again that a film is more than polished visuals, special effects, and Hollywood stars, it is fulm a feeling, an experience, meaning exactly what lingers when narrative is erased from memory and images fade into colours.

In omul adaptabil si plutitor in lume. Toate firimiturile sint egale.

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It stopped being a label, a definition of an artistic product. Omul este integrat in lume. Stefanescu tends toward long shot durations that give the film a rather slow, halting rhythm that does not fjlm jibe with the plot. Coloana sonora si prim-planurile prelungi sunt anxiogene, iar senzatia de claustrofobie se instaleaza din primele minute; personajele sunt scoase cu totul in afara confortului propriu si a rutinei placute.


Intre plasmuiri si disparitii. Looking for and banishing each other at the same time, while looking for themselves, every character falls into its own interior world, trying to hide and escape their own anxieties.

At the same time, Teo begins to mentally and physically break down. Imi plac foarte mult oamenii de nouageneratie care nu au acea osoasa suspiciune fata de tot si toate. After a short time he deleted them, but fortunately they were all oonline to my in tezue mail by fb and yt. The rest is art. On Monday I met the cast and crew. Azi amintindu-mi am dat un search si am gasit un nou review facut de Tezeu in blogul lui. These scenes would have certainly benefited from a tripod or steadicam.

Si intr-adevar, de ce sa facem asa ceva? Long, nearly minute-long continuous scene sets the beginnings of this piece of celluloid. Ci din cumulul nestiintei pure. Its so wonderful to find people that understand and open to ones work.

Tu ce obsesii ai? De ce sa aleg acele momente revelatorii din viata personajelor cind fiecare moment este revelatoriu. I played Eva and here are some words about this tezwu. Everything that he sais no, and sais is bad, I see as good and affirmative. The entire film is made up of long, meditative scene, carrying the story, which is actually not at all. As in the confessional, the story comes from the camera and the viewer.

For instance, his handheld camerawork tends to give even calm, contemplative sequences a rather frenzied air. She thinks independent, acts independent and has a weakness for independent films. Furrer should also be lauded for the subtleties of her performance. Contemplative and monotonous in the best sense of the word.