Very happy to watch a very good thriller. Why not have Tamil subtitles? ListonFermi 15 November Organized the crimes under different heads and drawn the linkages. Notify me of new posts via email. An interesting thing in this movie is that there are no fight scenes between the hero and villain and the villain does not even utter a single cuss word.

Jayam Ravi is ok. However this obsession could have been more fleshed out to the extent that Mithran himself ends up making morally questionable decisions to arrest his personally assigned enemy. I haven’t done much research about “Thani Oruvan”. Massive amount of data and information were collected, organized in SharePoint a Microsoft technology , then distilled and presented on weekly basis to the director for the entire duration of the movie making and it has been judiciously consumed in the movie without affecting the entertainment element of it. You are commenting using your Facebook account. No mediocrity in production values. Manchivadu manchi cheyadamlo aasa vuntundhi, chedda vadu chedu cheyadamlo dhuraasa maatramey vuntundhi.

Kharesma Ravichandran for “Kadhal Cricket”.

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Archived from the original on 6 July I was absolutely dumbstruck after watching this movie. At times it would make you feel and compare portions with Kakha kakha and similar cop movie series, plus Ramana, Nimirndhu nil, E, Thupakki etc Verdict: Share your Thoughts Cancel reply Enter your comment here Corruption, Corporate mafia, underworld, Pharmaceutical Company’s illegal research, Goons, Strict and straight forward IAS, IPS officers working with anti corruption motto, realistic fight with corporate Dons, A Solo Hero with a vision and a supportive lead lady some of the keywords that can describe this movie’s plot.

I am sure all will love it Norway Tamil Film Festival Awards. Raja to give them a holistic view of the movie. Although its presented as usual in the good versus evil form the underlying political core of this film was very intriguing: Mahima played by the beautiful dusky Nayantara who is head over heels with Mithran supports him with her skills.

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Jayam Ravi catches all the people’s attention in each and every second of the movie. Her cute yet important role as a forensic expert who is crucial to the story is refreshingly natural. Archived from the original on 9 January Way tnani predictable to ever surprise you!


The characters are well etched, both Mithran and Siddharth Abhimanyu are interesting characters, both having an obsession of varying degrees which keeps them going. It is evident from the word go itself.

Personally I would like movie makers to control the itch to add the artificial fights and the out-of-screenplay songs. Everything is packaged tightly. Well this is but a natural reaction as M. Yes, sometimes the film becomes preachy, with Jayam Ravi giving passionate monologues, however this doesn’t take away too much from the film.

No wonder I told myself that it would be great if the film actually works and if M. The extremely positive reviews oruavn me curious to watch it. Retrieved 21 May But he managed to do that in this flick. He is one helluva opportunist, who takes birth in a minister’s car with the siren on, does an unimaginable cease of an opportunity at age 15, and controls the powerhouse of politics, business and research together through his allies and alas, he is a renowned scientist.

Thani Oruvan is likable for every aspect of it. Unlike many thrillers produced in the recent past,the romance portions were well-written and Raja deserves a special applause for handling it convincingly so that it never turn a stumbling block in the thrills offered by the enthralling fight between the hero and the villain.

Raja should continue to do straight films, even if it takes a year. Nayanthara’s best movie I can say. The screenplay by director himself and the writer duo Subha framed upon the cat and mouse chase between protagonist and the villain is immensely stylish and substantial,being successful in gaining attention of the viewers who gets to be a part of the proceedings. One to remember from Mohan Raja. You’ll have no reason to hate this film.

The life-cycle of audience taste is short, meaning audience preference is undergoing change at a higher rate than ever before. Audible Download Audio Books. Right from the first scene, the director makes you think. He will actually make us like the villain of the movie more than the hero. But a thriller with a true meaning and less illogicalstuffs is Thani oruvan.

Hope this will change the attitude of most of the tamil directors, as long as the story is good and well narrated, it will be a big hit. Ravi has done a commendable job in first choosing such a script which has more importance to the villain than the hero. Atlast, Raja – scripting a detailed cop thriller with pacey screenplay is very difficult and he succeeds very much here! Today movie goers are well aware of the worldly events.


And the actress has portrayed it sensibly with respect and sensuality.

A 15 year old Pazhani aka Siddharth Abhimanyu Arvind Swami born with a criminal mind willingly accepts committing a crime that he has not done so that his innocent dad, Sengalvarayan Thambi Ramaiah becomes an MLA, which would pave way for a life he dreams of. Raja was thinking about the story for at least 3 years. The supporting cast are also good and help to progress dialofues narrative. For every rich man there has to be one or more poor people as well. Jayam Ravi – He worked very hard for this movie!

Can a villain be so loved by everyone?. The twist in the beginning scene itself will make you understand what you will watch for the next 2 hours.

We see glimpses of his obsession to bring down Sidharth Abhimanyu, particularly in an intense scene where he almost destroys his own apartment searching for a bug. Overall,Thani Oruvan is a stylish and captivating thriller,a must watch this season. Andaru varthallo lines chaduvutaru emi rastey adey blind ga nammutaru.

Even the portions where we see Mithran and his friends taking up the task of a vigilante group at night is quite well thought out, in particular the way in which one of their nocturnal operations ends up linking themselves, especially Mithran with Siddharth Abhimanyu is quite well done.

Raja has predominantly made a mark for himself by mostly remaking successful Telugu films in Tamil, a lot of them featuring his brother, Jayam Ravi in the lead. The film was very good with many messages.