In the News The terrifying ‘Momo’ challenge that all parents need to know about The challenge is now targeting children in the UK and it is truly terrifying. Writing on the Wings over New Zealand forum , he reported: Hedges-Stocks goes on to explore the twists and turns taken by the remake in a 3,ooo word article which is an excellent summary of the sad story. Jackson said in the mids that he became interested in remaking the film, but found that the rights had been bought by Mel Gibson. What are his hopes for the film? The film had a slightly romanticised view of what happened. The central Lancaster must be NX, which was left as standard and used in an early sequence in the film where Gibson is completing his final flight as CO of Squadron.

A sad day but, to misquote another film set in wartime: He has a pretty busy schedule: Create a free website or blog at WordPress. In , Stephen Fry revealed how a “desperate” Frost had hired Jackson on the day that they first spoke. Jackson was also to use newly declassified War Office documents to ensure the authenticity of the film. However, part of the RAF’s fleet of ageing Avro Lincolns had been mothballed at Hemswell prior to being broken up and several of these static aircraft appeared in background shots during filming, doubling for additional No Squadron Lancasters. At various times over the last ten years, Jackson has said that the Dambusters project was still going ahead. I would bet my old pit cap that this will never be re-made in my life time..

Now, in an interview posted on the Deadline blog, Jackson has admitted that he probably would have started on the remake of The Dam Busters four or five years ago, having handed over directorial duties on The Hobbit to Guillermo del Toro.

He was killed on 15 september 43 this man is after 75 years in holland still be honoured for his heroic actions! When are you going to make The Dam Busters?

Peter Jackson

Work begins The outlook was even rosier when Stephen Fry let slip that he was writing the script for Jackson, and Frost re,ake announced as executive director. In order to achieve such precision, the 19 Lancaster bombers had to fly exceptionally low – just feet – and were incredibly vulnerable.


Hollywood Goes to War. Legacy Books Press,First edition Thank you for your support. On 17 Maya commemoration of the 75th anniversary was held, in which a restored version of the film was broadcast live from the Royal Albert Halland hosted by Dan Snow. When ITV again showed a censored version in Juneit was condemned by the Index on Censorship as “unnecessary and ridiculous” and because the edits introduced continuity errors.

He first announced the remake in circa Concur with Jim Crawford, I wish someone with a genuine respect for those who participated in the Dams raid would take the project over….

A decade after he first announced he was working on a new version of the much-loved movie The Dam Bustersthere’s still no sign of the project going before the cameras. He believed a sequel to ‘s The Adventures of Tintin could be written next year apparently based on his favourite story Prisoners of the Sun and that they might have start motion-capture work in He admits that all the time since there has been pressure on him to say what he will be doing next:.

These included wings, and engines and other big parts. It has proved yet again my damning words as regards Jackson and his apathy towards the Dam Busters remake.

Jackson’s new WW1 film means further delay for Dambusters remake – Dambusters Blog

The film world has its own logic and moves at its own pace. Maybe Peter Jackson will now have time to consider if a remake of a classic is the best use of his talents. A sad day but, to misquote another film set in wartime: Traffic and Travel Police inquiry after man throws himself at car on a busy roundabout in Lincoln.

Richard Todd considered the film as one of his favourites of all those that he appeared in, and went on to appear at many Dambusters themed events.

Dambusters remake – Dambusters Blog

We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. Thank you for subscribing See our privacy notice. And if you don’t change it, obviously you are offending a lot of people inadvertently. One question, Where are the Lancasters for the film coming from? It looked to be a promising partnership. The film’s reflective last minutes convey the poignant mix of emotions felt by the characters — triumph over striking a successful blow against the enemy’s industrial base is tempered by the sobering knowledge that many died in the process of delivering it.


The year-old director owns a hangar full of First and Second World War aircraft, and an airfield on which he hosts a bi-annual air show.

The Race to Smash the Dams, which includes declassified information unavailable in the Fifties. He added that the original movie was ‘terrific’ but contained many small inaccuracies, such as the lack of support of Barnes Wallis.

Oscar-winner Peter Jackson set to reveal ‘secret history’ of Dambusters raid in new film

Experience shows that this will result in a number of first time visitors reading this blog, so if this is you, welcome aboard. The year-old from Remakd Zealand said the original, which told of the Operation Chastise which set out to destroy three dams deep within Germany’s Ruhr valley, skipped out on vital details.

More about this from the Waikato Times in New Zealand. This site uses cookies. At first, he invested significant funds — commissioning a script from Stephen Fry, getting full size models of Lancaster aircraft built in China, and buying several possible props and other artifacts.

A few months ago, Peter Jackson let it be known that his dwmbusters remake of the film The Dam Busters had been effectively cancelled. And there, right in the hangar, was one of the full size model Lancasters built for the Dambusters remake.

His death brought The Dam Busters back into the public imagination. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I hope the movie will be made and the dambusters still go on for another 75 years!!