He died in Science fiction , fantasy , horror , mystery , historical fiction. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Few have witnessed more of the destruction than Gil and Rudy, and both of them will need all their strength to survive this final challenge. Things get creepy, things get scary, things get political, and things get tragic, and it all keeps up over the rest of the trilogy. I later found that I indeed had been missing out, and have been slowly going back and reading her books. Finally, Gil, Rudy, and the rest of mankind’s survivors will take the offensive, bringing an end to this terrible war, for better or for worse.

Kindle Edition , pages. Classic, vintage sword and sorcery Finally, Gil, Rudy, and the rest of mankind’s survivors will take the offensive, bringing an end to this terrible war, for better or for worse. Please help by adding reliable sources. Refresh and try again. In The Time of the Dark , Gil dismisses the dreams until a wizard appears in her apartment. Fantasy with a purpose Liked it all except for the cold weather. For the life of me I can’t see what the point of his existence was, except for one single thing:

Things go wrong, Gil and Rudy Solis who happened by end up trapped in the fantasy world, as going home could lead to the Dark invading Earth. Human civilisation in this fantasy realm is under grave threat from “The Dark” a menacing race of horrific creatures who dzrwath up from the depths at night to devour humanity and There was enough imagination in this trilogy to keep me going to the end but sadly there are also glaring flaws which hamper the overall experience.

Great use of the language, characters that are real and gritty. Dec 01, Rindis rated it liked it Shelves: I have read them so many times I could probably say the books from memory.


The land’s wizards have been slaughtered, its cities destroyed, and its people scattered in terror. Views Read Edit View history. A wizard who could challenge Gandalph for scene stealing, villains that super scary, wonderful romance at the highest level Gil Patterson is a post-graduate student at UCLA, who keeps having disturbing dreams of a world under siege by creatures just known as The Dark.

Very satisfied with It’s strange how thoroughly I enjoyed these books, given how much Dareath came to loathe Rudy Solis. Her work spans the Star Wars universe, antebellum New Orleans, and various fantasy worlds, sometimes linked with our own.

They start out inept, ineffective and unsympathetic and they finish inept, ineffective and unsympathetic. Oct 27, Geunita Ringold rated it it was amazing. To give a few examples: In this case, I got a Kindle edition of her first work, The Darwath Trilogyon sale; in all, the book was well put together, and I did not notice any glitches, though the few maps seem to be a bit extra small, and not well cleaned up from a scan.

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The Darwath Trilogy Vol 1 Author s: For the British field hockey player, see Barbara Hambly field hockey. She sees darwaath of evil assaulting a beleaguered kingdom, whose kind people are on the brink of annihilation, and awakes each morning in a cold sweat. Will they ever get home?

The books are not overly long, yet they are very original and gripping. To view it, click here.

Darwath Series

Nov 23, Heather Rollins rated it really liked it. A fairly fast, enjoyable read, but dwrwath relationship between the two American characters didn’t seem right to me. Past the first book, any viewpoint changes happen at chapter breaks, which works much better.


Perhaps the reader is supposed to empathise with this hapless character but I continually wanted to shake him and get him to wake up and think about what he was doing for once. Ingold, the master wizard, has devised a spell to hide the user from the deathly stare of the Dark, and he intends to use it to strike at their very heart.

This last theme occurs most often with respect to music, spirituality, and respect for law and social custom. In her early teens, after reading J. Quotes from The Darwath Trilo Open Preview See a Problem? Archived from the original on He probably kept Alde from withering.

In avoiding the ” The entire fate of the human survivors depends on a single door to their fortress which “Keep Law” has decreed can never be opened at night while the dark roams. The conclusion of the third book is riveting and quite satisfying.

She completed her degree in and spent a year in Bordeaux as part of her studies. Well recommended; partly traditional epic fantasy trilogy, partly bucks the trends. Past the beginning of the first book, Gil and Rudy share viewpoint status for the rest of the series, which is a bit awkward at first, as the viewpoint shifts between the two inside the same chapter, which gets a little confusing.

In The Time of the DarkGil dismisses the dreams until a wizard appears in her apartment.