No, his father isn’t here. The list goes on. You have to let me talk to him! She wants to talk to you. Honestly though, this is the first time I can say that Reeves’s presence in a film has absolutely nothing to do with why it is unwatchable. We’re getting images of these spheres from all over the world.

Do we have briefings on that? I want you to lock the door, okay? This next bit is even more shocking. During these initial moments of exposition which come to an eventual climax of contact with an alien presence visiting Earth for unknown reasons, the movie achieves its only real piece of coherent and engaging drama; the way in which it unfolds is magnificent and capitalises on the movie’s big effects budget in ways that feel impressive and yet substantially eerie at the same time- there are moments when this big shot sci-fi movie actually feels like a genuine product of imagination and heart. It’s perhaps the biggest reason why most major productions based on sci-fi scripts never seem to work; the balancing act between catering to the mass public and those wanting intelligent drama is a hard one to pull off, and nobody here seems quite sure how to do such a thing. I love New York City, but come on! Hopefully this mass exodus will bring an end to the panic and unrest we’ve been seeing around the world. Containment panels are in position.

In fact, having the familiar Reeves on board for this uneventful journey, alongside the strikingly beautiful, Jennifer Connelly, at least gives us something pretty to distract us from the banality of the entire affair. I didn’t know they still made movies as bad as this.


Leave any cell phones and cameras here. You know I love you very much. Okay, he’s over there. What’s happening to him?

Sniper team is in place. It’s foreign, I think. The body tissue is human, as far as we can tell. Do you speak for the entire human race?

And that, basically, in order to survive in our environment, the being had to be born here, in its human form. What are your favourite foreign-language movies?

The Day the Earth Stood Still () (part 7 of 11) – the agony booth

I have to get back to my own extreme environment. We have the situation under control. Amidst the chaos in the New York-New Jersey areas, local police are looking for an escaped convict whose name is not being released. I already told Isabel.

History has lessons to teach us about first encounters between civilizations. Perhaps the most important lesson though is that humanity will never learn. Well, what if you decide you like him and he wants to move in? Use every surveillance satellite, every drone aircraft, every freeway camera. We are committed to providing you quality service. The affected area contains some 8 million inhabitants.

So are all the other spheres.

The Day The Earth Stood Still (2008) Movie Script

Also, his purpose is largely unclear in this version. Silver four-door, with a woman and a stilll. Most disappointing of all however is that in spite of the many technical flaws present, the biggest let down is that the movie simply doesn’t convince; the effects are impressive and the story can be gripping through its thick layer of foreboding atmosphere from time to time, but an overall lack of substance hurts the film’s ability to truly draw you in and take off.


Your professor was right. I am out of control! Can I borrow it? We are patrolling the orchards off I Pretty soon you’re all gonna go down to the basement, okay?

Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven The epic science fiction blockbuster is slowly but surely becoming a dying form of cinematic entertainment. What was the Chinese dialogue?

Subtitles for YIFY movie The Day the Earth Stood Still

Geneticists are gonna be studying this code for generations. They’ve compromised our satellites. I swear, I learned so many hard life lessons watching this movie. I came here through google because my version of the movie doesn’t come with native subtitles. They’re saving as many species as they can. These are the Dead Sea Scrolls. We’ve watched, we’ve waited, and hoped that you would change. I’m afraid that’s not possible. We have to get to the sphere. Hold on a second. They didn’t come here to hurt us.

It activates in the presence of violence.