Lee is narrowly able to avert the disaster as he doesn’t want Tina to have paint dumped on her and in the process learns the email address of the prankster, Radcircles ANigmahigh. After being forced by his sister to watch a horror movie with her, Holger arrives to take care of them. Biffy points out the recent evidence: After asking Tina where Jenny is he follows them down a hole outside to the tunnels. Jenny’s bike gets stolen on her way to school and she accepts a ride from the Serpent. He explains that during the events of “Friday Nights Bites” Holger discovered a series of underground tunnels connecting the school and Brandy’s apartment. Victoria is taken by a council whom Victoria fails to impress, using the strategy.

Finnwich tells Lee and the others that Lynch is now his assistant and is given the book by Lee. Barrage objects to the Wurst clones’ doings, who respond by crystallizing him. Brandy agrees but Holger, trying make Brandy’s place unsuitable for a party, makes all the robo-babies’ eyes flash red and vomit goo, causing everyone to go home. Lynch betrays Finnwich and tries to open the pyramid but falls into a coma as Finnwich had anticipated his betrayal and put his watch forward one minute. Lee and the gang sneak into the submarine by letting Cam distract the Hazmats, but accidentally breaks his phone when Brandy calls him, and the submarine takes off. Finnwich orders his robots to surround the member. Meanwhile, the school tries to propose a theme for the school dance, Tina and Brad suggest a “Save the Rainforests” dance, to make the dance a bit romantic, for Tina whose secretly planning to dance with Lee. Brad, who thinks it’s all being filmed for a movie, leads the school witnesses to the library, following Lee’s idea.

However in the end the Reaper Mats and the Serpent walk away and he realizes the chase was all a waste of time. The parents council try everything they can to open the pyramid but they fail.

Lee deduces that the pyramid can only be opened during an eclipse. After seeing this, Biffy and Lee decide to get a teacher to trigger the machines in the lounge. Meanwhile, Lynch who has brainwashed everything about him from every person’s memory, plans the school dance to set up a trap. Finnwich refuses to let him help, insisting it is adult business.

Return of the Ping

The episode ends with Tina and Detentionairee breaking out of their crate, only to find that they’re in a submarine. Luckily Biff and Camilio manage to cover for him, and in the process Lee gets back to detention before Barrage dismisses him. They go underground to try stop Barrage but Vice Principal Victoria reveals that she is responsible for the hypnotizing of the school so she can use the strategy to take over the world and even captures Barrage, with the help of the Hazmats.


Lee is caught by Kimmie and Cassandra claims that she was never at the dance detentionaige Lee. Views Read Edit View history.

Lee, with the help of Biffy, who still won’t forgive him, track down the Tatzelwurm. Tina helps Lee investigate Barrage’s plans as Lee tries out for the fencing team, unexpectedly having good skills.

He also told Lee that he brought a bag like Lees because it looked cool, and when Lee had the same one he gave it to his sister.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tina, Cam, Lee and Biffy find out that the Hazmats are robots. Lee gets back to detention where he suggests that Kimmie record Biffy’s apology, tue she does, though the phone was not working as they were inside the detention room door was closed. Lee, Tina and Jenny find that the council is trying to look for the book, but they manage to hide it.

Detentionaire Episode 28 Return of the Ping

Biffy and Lee trigger the door to the clone room, however Barrage arrives at the lounge with the captured teachers. Blompkins then receives a telegram and immediately states that Lee can stay at A. Lee’s mother, Sue, is at the hair salon, where The Serpent asks questions to her about the Ping family. The students distract the teachers so they can let Cam and Brandy out, who find Barrage. Cassandra, now revealed to be granddaughter of Elizabeth Mann one of the founders of Mann, Wurst and Finnwichis approached by a council member, a large lizard-like humanoid who speaks, only for her to order him to give detentiknaire answers about the Ping family, why they’re so important, and MWF’s true purpose.

The popular kids meanwhile are trying to find Chaz and destroy the footage, as it contains them doing things they don’t want the rest of the school seeing. Meanwhile, a man supplying chicken for the staff arrives in a chicken costume, causing Holger to attack him. But an unsuspecting Tina feels curious. Facing off against Radcircles in a bizarre game of Cat and Mouse Lee attempts to use the email to contact Radcircles during the play to make him reveal himself unsuccessfully.

Their phones are taken custody, including Radcircle’s phone, which are taken to be burnt. Lee is “enhanced” by the underground pyramid from “Outcast Eisode at A.

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To prepare for the school inspection, Barrage summons the Hazmats to sanitize the school, however, they run loose and sanitize the staff and students as well. At home, Lee hides his key under his bed, oblivious to the bugging device above it, still flashing red. In an attempt to help Lee help the Tatzelwurm escape, Cam, Holger and Brandy are caught trying to set it free over the gate.


Cam gets Lee and Brandy to find Grayson and turn him in, causing Tina and Jenny to think they’re back together, but Grayson escapes.

A rare solar eclipse is coming to A. Lee and Tina find the Serpent taking Jenny out and go after them.

Detentionaire Episode 28 Return of the Ping –

Lee finds that Brad cheats during the fencing tournaments to impress his dad and gets Lee to secretly fill in for him, so he can impress his father.

After Wurst and Barrage call a truce and compromise, they suspend Cam and strip him of his presidency. Lee soon discovers that their water boy is a kleptomaniac who stole the ring and a can of paint from Lee’s bag. When she leaves, Finnwich wakes up Lynch.

Meanwhile, Holger and Greta witness Biffy and Kimmie on a ride together. Lee is then given Radcircle’s phone and detention from Barrage back. Elsewhere, when the book mentions Coral Grove, Tina proceeds to tell Jenny everything she knows about it information she gathered during the short webisodes. While Lee has failed to find Radcircles, he vows to him in a email that he will find him.

Having failed to find the prankster on the previous day, Lee is at a dead end. Though Detentioaire is happy that they have an opportunity to research the book together in detention, Tina looks on sadly. Before the Council Leader can explain more to Lee and after releasing Sue, Cassandra takes over the operations of Coral Grove before she crystallizes the Serpent.

The episode ends with The Serpent printing photos of Lee’s family, seemingly oblivious to Biffy’s phone camera set up vetentionaire the room. Lee is given one day of amnesty from detention as per the rules of the Students charter of rights. His popularity has slipped and Cam is now in the cool crowd.

Biffy pretends to set up a date after school for Chopper in exchange for some information, some detentionairf of a teacher’s weight fluctuations further convincing them of the cloning.

Brad, who thinks it’s all being filmed for a movie, leads the school witnesses to the library, following Lee’s idea. Jenny is taken with Tina to Coral Grove.