June 11 to Anjo Edgar Allan Guzman Reyes comedy is quite a big deal. Will Henry learn to really love Clarise? Zanjoe Marudo with Pokwang is not suited for this brand of comedy. Reyes film is maddeningly daft. This is the Tagalog movie that I watched for the past several years. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The film tries to go into her obsession with getting married, but does it succeed? She is a victim of both her own gullibility and Star Cinema’s domination of Filipino pop culture. However, it all feels utterly lazy. There are numerous television and movies that the film used to spoof. Accident leads her to wake up, finds herself in an island with Henry, who has amnesia. Growth, change, and love ’12 Years a Slave’:

Then, they meet again in a plane going back to the Philippines.

‘My Illegal Wife’ Review: A film worth forgetting

She is a victim of both her own gullibility and Star Cinema’s domination of Filipino pop culture. With neither ,ovie characters nor its comedy coming together in the way it should, My Illegal Wife becomes the butt of its own joke. Full Cast and Crew. Suddenly, the used mobie the user. An achievement in awfulness ‘Divergent’ Review: More metal than man ‘American Hustle’ Review: The film’s generous servings of caricatures of scenes from other Star Cinema films are suddenly given some perspective, which sort of serves as the film’s belatedly communicated point.

But when the plane crashes and lands on a remote island in the Philippines, Henry suffers a severe case of amnesia. A vision of inconsistency ‘Her’ Review: Fans looking for cheap laughs and corny gags may finds lots to love in My Illegal Wife.


Size doesn’t matter ‘X-Men: Audible Download Audio Books.

MOVIE REVIEW: My Illegal Wife |

Reyes starring Pokwang and Zanjoe Marudo. Of course, as with all Star Cinema movies, things will fall into place. These stories made other people Check them out! Unfortunately, with too much spoof and not enough substance, My Illegal Wife ends up as forgettable as its story.

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Follow him on Twitter at zigmarasigan. Predictably, most of the audience will likely leave theaters fleetingly amused. But even that effort is cut at its knees when everything is forgiven and forgotten and Clarise wins back her beloved Henry. June 11 to Open the email in your inbox.

Clarise is especially guilty of this transgression, thinking that a white wedding is all you need to patch together a broken family. What if Henry learns that Clarise is his “illegal wife?

But after she is let go from her job as an entertainer in Japan, she meets the dashing young Henry Zanjoe Marudo aboard a plane home to the Philippines. On May 16,Star Cinema released news through their website about their next film, topbilled by Marudo and Pokwang with the title: Marudo is simply not suited for this kind of comedy.

Violent, colorful, and masterful fun ’10, Hours: Growth, change, and love ’12 Years a Slave’: Shines bright despite the faults ‘Noah’ review: View your profile page here OR Click close to continue. The film is propelled by its singular idea of Clarise Pokwanga repatriated entertainer from Tokyo, who takes advantage of wofe plane crash-induced po,wang of Henry Zanjoe Marudothe hunk she meets aboard the plane bound to Manila, to trick him into believing that they are wife and husband.


I also notice this is the spin off of hit TV series “The legal wife”.

Reyes may not have intended to criticize the industry he has freely committed to but My Illegal Wife projects a nation dangerously addicted to escape and conglomerates that are quick to profit from the addiction. Looks like the email you typed in is already used in these Summit sites: Clarise desires to have a husband.

Accident leads her to wake up, finds herself in an island with Henry, who has amnesia. Simply poiwang, there is just nothing about the first half of My Illegal Wife that would urge its audience to stay for more.

Reyes has done this so many times before, with all the films he directed for Vic Sotto and the rest of his gang. What seems to be an inane comedy of errors hides a commentary of a nation’s addiction illegzl trash. Anjo Edgar Allan Guzman