What kinda shaman show is this anyways? I’m sorry if I’m being to hard on her, but I seriously can’t feel portrayal. Make me want it, Show, or else you risk taking your characters to the brink but leaving us behind. Kim Soo Hyun Main Cast. He also needs to stop simply reacting to his advisers’ bad behavior and do more to stop them. I’m joining in the rant! Will the King and the Prince go against each other? Then I was like, ”

It’s weird, but I’ve noticed the less stuff that really happens – and I mean important stuff people – in an episode, the shorter the recap. Time to find a new man? And the main love triangle. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Finally it’s all out! Don’t even get me started on that! They haven’t admitted that they love each other, or W hasn’t, and now H has to save her? I didn’t care for that AT ALL but it irks me that we wasted so many episodes going around in circles of ‘will they or will they not do the deed’ when they could have used that screen time to develop the relationship between the OTP a little more and also give more depth to the side characters.

Love it that Bo Kyung is going nuts! Episode 6 by Helcat.

The Moon that Embraces the Sun Ep 13 EngSub () Korean Drama | DramaVery VIP

Kiara February 16, at Ugh, I think they don’t want them to have sex because it’ll ruin the innocent “we’re both virgins and in love! This was a strong enough episode to make up almost, sort of for the boring stuff in the middle — lots of secrets discovered, truths ferreted out, and big reactions all around.


I have been waiting for your recap and keep refreshing every five minutes Everyone now is starting to develop some of their old personality and passion to fight the war now that wol regained her memory. Not sure why, felt nothing for YM. But, this changes things for me. I agree,go Yang Myan. She lost her beloved father. Seol just stands around and reacts to thesituation.

But the thing that I find a little hard to reconcile is the fact that the political stakes are now up dramafver 10, but the love affair has yet to become an actual love affair. And they spisode again. I think the writers have figured out that the romance isn’t working because there is zero chemistry between the main leads, so now they’re doing plans B and C: It was so fun to watch: Oh jeez, will something interesting, unexpected, or meaningful happen already?

I don’t see it. For the last 3 episodes, I’ve fallen asleep 15 mins into the episode. And can we get some mother-daughter scenes as well?

Wol asks what she must do.

I feel sorry kinda, she still is annoying sometimes, and I like my main couple, lol for she’s kind of always a step behind. I don’t really understand her motives anymore.

They had really interesting potential storylines too, but I guess the writer is just going to churn out whatever’s driving the ratings up. I also understand how you feel about the lack of development for the OTP because embracds scenes together are my least favorite parts of this series.


Kim Young Ae Supporting Cast.

Episode 14

She quakes in fear. GF, you should copyright this!

The doctor gapes at the sudden recovery. I mean, if you look at it, and not in a way where it’s branding her as the evil baddie’s daughter, if you go back to Hwon and her first meeting, for her it was probably “love at first sight”.

With Yang Myung, Wol gave him hints of who she is with the rock and the way she words her sentences with him. I was really excited and felt that the show had so much awesome potential until the last three very repetitive episodes where it’s just I do wish, however, that the king embracs have been more proactive somehow, like he was as a prince. I hope I won’t have to mooon several eps. I think the writers have figured out that the romance isn’t working because there is zero chemistry between the main leads, so now they’re doing plans B and C:.

To me, no matter how young or old, you don’t PRAY for someone’s death that’s what it looks like. I think you and I are among the rare ones who don’t feel anything for YM.