Seriously The last romantic moment was when they were still kids, what the hell show?? I moved it in one page I’m guessing that they wanted to drag a couple of eps cus they didn’t know how it was going to end From the shadows, Woon keeps watch. But since I love historical dramas All My Love Korean Drama. I can’t blame him though, and I still really like his character, especially with this episode.

I hope Wol and Seol start kicking things up again, and that finally, something dents that arrogant smirk on the minister’s face. Hwon’s options are limited because he is a king who does not have any supporters in high positions. Everything is controlled by the Ministers. Sorry, I made a mistake in the name She asks all the right questions: If they end up having to postpone future episodes, this drama might lose steam, although it might add to the hype shrug. I hate that character!

The translations are so beautiful.

Dont think this will tye a agin anytime soon but Like most of MoonSunners here, I enjoyed so much this episode I love this new wave of awesomeness coming in!

I love badass Wol.

He has tried to help Wol in ways he is able to in previous episodes. Not that all the conspiracy, secrets with in secrets restored identity thing ebraces been fascinating-it really has, it made everything interesting again.


Coffee House Korean Drama. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe By 0ly40 Started September 10, Hwon’s character bores me to fucking tears.

Not only that they looked so cute together, that game brought back memories in me.

Posted February 17, Kyoto Inferno Japanese Movie. Why did she suddenly fall ill when she became the princess bride? I hope this recent improvement in writing for his character continues to the end – however it ends.

Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou Japanese Drama. Hyon’s mother is the empress, while Yang Myung’s mother is a royal consort.


I don’t resent her. We shall see how this scene unfolds Let’s wait n see. I agree with ya Seein the king break down like that Atashinchi no Danshi Japanese Drama. Maybe Wol will regain her memory? Hanayome to Papa Japanese Drama. Which is why I was really, truly surprised to find mono Il Woo and Ga In seem to emit genuine warmth and ease with each other.

Why Lee hwon can’t? I just want to speak up my thought.


Unfortunately, starting next week, the MBC strike is going to affect the drama. Did YW forgive her? And actually He’s not stupid, but why the writer make him cannot recognized Wol as Yeon Woo even though he has many clue in his hand – like: Wol was limchidrama calm and now I love her deadly revengeish war.

kimchi’s Drama List – MyDramaList

JIW is my No. While that is kimchidrwma commendable attitude for an actor to have, I also hope he chooses a leading male role for his next drama. To me, no matter how young or old, you don’t PRAY for someone’s death that’s what it looks like.

I was disappointed with her actions before, but I was lenient with her cause she’s young and spoiled. You did not kill me, you killed my father! By RayAmbler7 Started September 18,