For each one of them, he lists reasons why they had the motive to turn him blue. Suddenly he heard someone coming down the slide. Also, Hank falls asleep from eating one of Max’s sleeping sandwiches, and it’s up to Phoebe and Max to save him during the science presentation. Max helps Phoebe with revenge, but he instead becomes her “boyfriend”. They can’t share him peacefully without fighting. Silverstone must have gotten her, he thought anxiously, finally remembering the incident. To save themselves and the other students, Cherry and Phoebe must slay the original vampire. Colosso to accept a Villain of the Decade award.

But when their powers aren’t enough to stop the threat, Phoebe makes a life-altering decision. Phoebe admits that she thought he would turn evil again but Max assures her that he was serious that he is no longer evil. Sweet Gam Gam mistakes Phoebe and Billy as the cookie thieves. She refuses at first, but changes her mind after realizing how Hank is struggling. After Cherry begs Phoebe not to date her brother, Phoebe must decide between love and friendship. You weakness is your strength, Billy. From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars. They would rather have him dab again.

Farmer Ted arrives and says that he just traps people so they can talk to him. Gideon declares himself a superhero, “The Giddler,” forcing the Thunder Psging to secretly follow him and save him from getting hurt.

Cherry helps them pass the interview but when an emergency at the Proton Reactor needs both Phoebe and Max’s powers, Max finds it impossible to save the day without Phoebe. When Phoebe and Nora sneak into Max’s lair to watch the show, Dr. How she had saved him from the villains in Metroburg, earning her cape and- she felt guilty thinking about it now- how she had made fun of him afterwards.

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Maybe once in his tundermans fate would spare him… “I think I can manage”, he answered and they went back inside. After she had explained the situation by phone, he had decided to come over to take a look at Max himself and therefore the girl hurried to let him in, relieved he had made it so quickly.


But after Max and his date realize they’ve been conned, they seek revenge. Max and Phoebe use their powers to create some fun for themselves on Ditch Day, but when they remember the school has security cameras, they enlist Billy and Nora’s help to erase the footage before their secret is uncovered. Retrieved October 11, She starts beating them up while Nora and Max are laughing.

No one’s rated or reviewed this product yet. I never, never believed that you’re stupid…” He gave her a grateful smile.

Meanwhile, Nora, Billy, and Barb try to stall and trick Hank into excruciating ambitions. He didn’t answer their question at first and he knew that it was to open his mouth or to talk, Max gave them an apologetic glance which rd. not help to clear the other’s confusion. Phoebe and Max Thunderman seem to be regular teenage twins, but they’re in a family of superheroes. Phoebe gets upset when her science teacher gives her a B, so Hank replaces her teacher and the class’ grades.

She blackmails Max intro training her how to play tennis but Max offers to help her cheat instead.

Kickbutt takes back her role as the Super President of the Hero League. Because he’s smart and can take him down…” Colosso shook his head in annoyance. And with everything I basically mean Max…and his stupid ideas!

This was exactly what we episoode and the audience loved it…” Oyster continued to speak more to himself than to the others. Colosso’s spooky stories scare everyone to bed except Phoebe and Max.

Max turns Billy into the world’s fastest rat to win the rat races that he has with his bandmates.

Paging Dr. Thundermans

Somehow it now hurt way more than before. So, they come up with thynderman plan to set Sarah and Gideon up by tricking them into a meal at Splatburger. Can life ever be normal in this family? Max refuses to join the club but Dr. The first ending, used by Nickelodeon, shows Billy afraid to take the super bug, with Chloe teleporting to Billy and comforting him.


When Max misses a band practice due to Z-Force training, Phoebe and Cherry overhear his bandmates saying that they’re going to kick Max out for not taking the band seriously. He shows them how thundwrmans his niece, Sarah is with Gideon.

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Phoebe brings mangoes to Quinn since bug villains can’t resist mangoes. Retrieved January 30, Thundermanx goes into depression trying to figure out why Link broke up with her. Then, Max arrives back home without Balfour noticing.

In order to win a rat race with his band members to decide what costumes they should wear to the school dance, Max turns Billy into a rat using the Animalizer, but after being turned into a rat, Billy doesn’t want to be turned back into a human. Worried that Cherry might mess up, Phoebe dresses up as Cherry and joins the interview to help fupl needed.

When Phoebe and Max go to photocopy the signatures, Max steals the diary back and ditches Phoebe. Back at Math Bowl, the two teams are tied, which results in a sudden death round with a tiebreaker question where only the team captains, Phoebe and Max, can answer.

The Thundermans: The Complete Series

He moves to his friend’s house where the only rule is there are no rules. When Max uses personal information about Phoebe and Link in a song for his band, he causes a rift in their pwging. Meanwhile, Nora and Billy must find a dance routine for their school talent show. However, ultimate freedom quickly becomes more than Max can handle.