She dislikes Xiao Yan Zi even more for her feisty, unladylike attitude. Substance is completely sacrificed for what is perceived as style. Everyone manages to get rid of the assassins, but Zi Wei’s life is at risk. Zhou Jie was the only principal actor from the original series who remained. Guo Jing was very angry after he found out about the incident and decided to punish his daughter by slicing off her arm as well as punishment, but his wife stopped him. Elsewhere, Li Mochou sought vengeance on the Lu family some years after her ex-lover Lu Zhanyuan and his wife died. I got really hooked with it the only downer was the side stories it honestly dragged the drama for me, which made the drama unnecessarily long.

Like the empress, she redeems herself in the end and is forgiven. He escaped and entered the ”Tomb of the Living Dead”. After Zhenhua found out of her affairs she was locked up together with her youngest son Erjie. Furious, Qianlong orders that they be found and all executed. Ironically, though, he later grew to love Zi Wei for completely different reasons-her elegance and eloquence, intelligence and sophistication. Where are the rest? Besides his empress, whom he often neglects, he has many concubines, his favourite of which is Consort Ling.

Anonymous November 22, at 5: Romance in the Rain. Relationships in the family worsen when eldest son Freeman moves out and he and second son Ray end up competing for the same girl, an aspiring cake maker named Miki, while the third son becomes especially rebellious as his father tries to assert himself as the family patriarch by implementing stricter and less reasonable rules for his sons to follow.


The Mongolians attacked the Guo family, who were now outside the safety of the city walls. At the same time, Qianlong begins to regret his actions. C-drama Ratings and Celeb Rankings week starting Feb Anonymous February 28, at 5: Ten years later, Wu Hong Da dies and his company is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Deng Yolanda Yin Qing Rou. So Hunan TV had to air a version with non-sensical ending? I might be a bit biased though since I like all the actors in this one. A c-drama wiki page Volare: Meanwhile, there is turmoil in the royal family.

He escaped and tiaoo the ”Tomb of the Living Dead”. Qianlong is very taken by Xia Yingying, as she is charming and talented. Years later, Erkang and the emperor goes to visit them, they find that both couples are happy and they both have 4 children.

Drama Kiwi~: Naughty Princess (調皮王妃) Ep Recap

Heart-broken, Yang Guo believed her and returned to join the Condor which he had befriended fe and continued his martial arts training. Then it’s The Great Protector. Anne J December 27, at With his background, talents and his air of authority, Er Kang is a very attractive potential husband. They sing happily with joy. Meanwhile, they meet Xiao Yan Zi, a clever and daring girl around their age.

2015 Best Chinese Period Dramas

When it went to modern times, I got so confused I stop watch it. Although Zi Wei is but a court maid, Qianlong quickly takes notice of her. I also love hiao watch hum tv dramas having a great message regarding love, love with humanity drwma social issues as well are discussed here.


At one point, Qianlong decides to pair him with Sai Ya, a princess from Tibet, but he was saved by his younger brother and narrowly escapes the dreaded marriage.

I’m excited for so many new ones as well. Xiao Yan Zi has her own troubles in the Forbidden City, as her outlandish behaviour and lack of sense of propriety offends the Empress.

Chinese drama

After Zhenhua married Xueqin, he lost interest in Wenpei and eventually was expelled from the Lu household. Although the announcement o Hawick best performance in this drama I feel. Eventually, Yiping’s relationship with Qin Wuye grows stronger and Yiping relies on him several times for assistance. Because they have broken the law, they rrama to run away forever. Chinese dramas are full of action, thrill and romance.

But it’s good for people who want to learn about the culture or scenery of Shanxi province. A successor to Northern Beggar Hong Qigongwho was also one of his teachers. I love Journey Of Flower, but the ending was weird. I totally agree with you with The Romance of the Condor Heroes. The series follows the Lu family in dtama Shanghai, China.

Zi Wei once made him promise that he would take Jin Suo as a second wife, but that was later broken off. It consist of 20 episodes. Her mother, Fu Wenpei, is the general’s eighth wife.