Spills also occur as a consequence of drilling activities. Norwegian companies are now involved in some of the world’s foremost projects, from Sakhalin in the east to Brazil in the west and Angola in the south. The effect of these products is difficult to establish categorically since their efficiency seems to be greatly dependent on the environment in which the test is conducted, as well as the design of the test. Methods Data was collected from students, supervisors and administrative staff via web-based questionnaires. Since , were published the results of searches for the base metals’ content and vestigial chemical elements in lichens’ thallus. Estimates showed the levels of microplastic pollution released into the region from ships and scientific research stations were likely to be negligible at the scale of the Southern Ocean, but may be significant on a local scale.

With new sample return missions on the horizon, it is of primary importance to develop advanced curation standards for documentation and visualization methodologies. Twenty-five years of Antarctic upper atmosphere research at Rhodes University. Consequently, ice cores of m depth were obtained successfully. As part of this ongoing development, we are investigating the best approaches for quickly and seamlessly distributing new and updated data to users, storing datasets in efficient, open file formats while maintaining full data integrity, and coexisting with numerous online data portals in a way that most actively benefits the Antarctic community. A recent survey of Quantarctica users showed broad geographical adoption among Antarctic Treaty countries, including those outside the large US and UK Antarctic programs. Quantarctica’s strengths as an open science platform lie in 1 The complete, ready-to-use data package which includes full-resolution, original-quality vector and raster data, 2 A policy for freely-redistributable and modifiable data including all metadata and citations, and 3 QGIS, a free, full-featured, modular, offline-capable open-source GIS suite with a rapid and active development and support community. This study has shown that sewage contamination is limited to the immediate vicinity of the sewage outfall. Research works over algae included also such issues as floristics, bio-geography, taxonomy and ecology for instance, the rookery’s impact on distribution of algae, or the influence of inanimate factors on dynamics of condensing the Diatoma in different water and soil-bound tanks.

Research of this type is already ongoing in Antarctica. In some important areas, like the subsea market, the Norwegian ‘oil cluster’ became world leaders through companies like Vetco, Aker Kvaerner and FMC Technologies.


Optimal milking protocols and milking machine function have been emphasised and less emphasis has been placed on dry cow therapy. The school system functions like a fabric for language shift. The intention of this paper is to give a short summary of what has been accomplished, and to discuss future avenues of research concerning causes, mechanisms and consequences of pre-eclampsia.

The West Antarctic Peninsula is the most rapidly warming region on Earth. Results from the researchthe greenhouse effect and its influence on the climate of today, the interactions between ocean and climate, pollution influence on ozone layer changes, the UV radiation effects and their influence johannaa the environment, climatic modelling and forecasting, ecological problems related to climatic and environmental changes, the climatic influences johznna human energy utilisation and suggestions for future research.

In comparison to the U. Dating of ice core was done as follows. This includes data regarding costs and financing of the R and D work, human resources, cooperation relations and results from the R and D and innovation activities, publishing and quotations, patenting and trade balances included.

Antarctic news clips, Structured lifestyle and food frequency questionnaires are administered. The airbone survey was conducted above Ltzow-Holm Bay region. The report covers aspects of safety, transportation, and landing and the impacts of petroleum activities on Norwegian communities.

This paper discusses selected points concerning the verbal realization of the speech act of apology in Norwegian. Dr Jackie Aislabie, a microbiologist from the New Zealand government’s research company Landcare Researchis leading a program aimed at understanding how oil spills impact on Antarctic soils.

The international activities are described, with particular attention both to APE experiment and the setting up of the new base in Dome-C. The main prosiekt covered the present status of fusion researchinternational cooperation, fusion research in small countries and minor laboratories, fusion research in Denmark and Sweden, and a proposed fusion experiment in Bergen. Specific-Purpose Project on medical research ; and 5.

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Therefore, there is a need to give guidance to engineers for the planning of radio services in LF band so as to avoid interference. Shadows of Tomorrow Unloading of t of the cargo, and the summer operations including field research work, relief of the observation team, and construction and renewal of some facilities were completedby 31 January The results from the literature review showed that characteristics of the family and parental oral health behaviours and lifestyle may be associated with caries development in preschool children.


High fidelity Earth-based simulations of planetary exploration could help prepare for these expensive and complex operations.

With the appetite for living and dead natural resources, the political and economical interest concerning the Antarctic increases throughout the world. Full Text Available Abstract Background The Medical Student Research Programme is a national education and grant scheme for medical students who wish to carry out research in parallel with their studies.

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All the projects have been planned and will be carried out in international cooperation. The examples most directly relating to energy technology and environment are from the following fields: Norwegian Episoed has been increasing since the s, but the large scale of it is a new phenomenon.

In addition, several acidified culture experiments using pteropods were conducted on board. The evaluation should investigate if the programme had fulfilled its objectives of increased prowjekt to medical researchin addition to the students’ and supervisors’ satisfaction of the programme, and unwanted differences between the universities.

Preparatory Research for the future planned large atmospheric radar. Beside, the research community in Norway already possesses a considerable marine infrastructure that can expand towards an international focus for real-time multidisciplinary observations in prosjemt of rapid climate change. A roadmap for Antarctic and Southern Ocean science for the next two decades and beyond.

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The 54th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition conducted several shallow core drillings up to 30 m depth in the inland and coastal areas of the Bsby Antarctic ice sheet. The purpose of my visit to Chilean Antarctic Stations was to assess the present status of geophysical observations and researchas the South Shetland Island, West Antarctica, where the stations are located, are one of the most active tectonic regions on the Antarctic plate.

The ship reached Syowa Station on 14 January ,it needed 15 days to approach Syowa Station because the pack bbay and first ice in Lutzow-Holm Bay were very thick and heavy compared with a normal year.