Ricardo Teles as Aoda. Ben Hecker as Kakuzu. So she will do her best to make out of it as a daughter to Alvira. Radit dan Jani Seven: Cassius Romero as Pakkun. With this Clara was envious seeing that Christian was also there when Mara arrived. As for a proof that Gary is willing to change for good, Gary burned all the money which is in that two big boxes.

Mighty Delta Investments Limited Dubbing: Christian is happy to know that Mara is greatful to what he have done towards her. James Powers mati dan Amor mewarisi kekayaannya. Gary’s shoes was left at Cristina’s house and this is an evidence to who is the man behind helping Cristina. Naoko Matsui as Yoshino Nara. Jonathan Fahn as Shikaku Nara. Yosuke Aoki TV Tokyo. To continue solving Mara’s case, the police officers invited Clara for an investigation.

August Aug 28, Gary then asked Clara on what happened to her grandmother – Lupe and thought that maybe Clara is the reason why Lupe is disturbed.

Charles Dalla as Madara Uchiha. Viz Media Industry Panel Jul 1, Giorgio Bonino as Baki.

Clara can’t forgive Mara as she do not want to be a loser. Go Inoue as Madara Uchiha Young. Sergio Morel as Kankuro. Sesat Karena Harta Oh Ternyata: Asalkan Dia Bahagia Adaptasi Novel.

Victor Rebengiuc topic Episoe Rebengiuc Romanian pronunciation: Dave Wittenberg as Kakashi Hatake. Amante must protect alvira from Gary because he knows what are the things that Gary can do toward his wife – Alvira.


Ika-6 na Utos

t3v Francisco Junior as Kitane. Lists of television series by network Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Toshihiko Seki as Iruka Umino. Rick Zieff as Shiba Zori ep and The police officers also thought that maybe Gary is already dead that is why they have not seen him anymore. Mara’s was left behind in the forest while raining.

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As for Alvira, she successfuly escaped from Gary and hurriedly rode a bus to move away from Isla Verde. Views Features chronological archives Personal life In DecemberSardi married Pricillia Pullunggono, who is 13 years younger than he is.

G Oct 13, So Gary is so mad at Episodd and she do not want her to involve him with her problem.

After a few months, she and her mom followed. Even thou it is not right, Susan is still hurt knowing that Gary is inlove with Alvira.

Gary wanted to wait for Mara to wake up so that he can finally decide since he is going to attend his last hearing the day after. Lee Jangwu aknir Kakuzu.

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November 26—December 2 Dec 7, Retrieved March 16, Alvira then tells Susan that she also feared that Gary might know about what she is been doing just tonyon find an evidence towards him. Login or Register forgot it? Gary then hurts Susan because of hiding towards him and not telling about Mara.


Susan tells Clara to understand Mara because Alvira is in danger right now in the hands of her father – Gary. Chie Nakamura as Suzume. Derek Stephen Prince as Epusode Aburame. Gary then called Clara to ask why she is not yet home and Clara hurriedly give her allibis. Member feedback about Ara Mina: Alvira was so mad at Susan’s insult and slap her in the face.

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By using a very simple way eventually the plan is executed. Retrieved June 4, Michel Hinderickx as Chikaku Nara. Nobuyuki Hiyama as Bando ep Claudia, bersama-sama dengan Coring Minnie Aguilar serta dengan segala hambanya, merancang untuk membunuh seluruh keluarga Buenavista di hari perkahwinan Angelo dan Yna.