This movie has fight scenes in a ice factory, warehouse, slaughterhouse, and tea house, all in one. Donnie Yen always surprises me as a showman first and, well, a martial arts master also first. On Prime Video Watch Now. Start your free trial. Redemption , to the extreme , Tony Jaa , twist , unique fighting , US release , video game , weaponry , Welsh director , wife and child , Yayan Ruhian posted in Movies. This film is a heartfelt one, and may bring a tear to your eye. Basic plot, shall we? He writes down every name he can remember in case he has to seek.

The plot, the action and special effects, everything in this movie is set up to be an anime. Watch now on “UnMade”. The Thai Warrior Ting. The rings that these men fight in are very stylistically stunning. A lot of the humor comes from plays on words and references you have to get from knowing his work with Panna Ritikrai and Tony Jaa. Basic plot, shall we? What I was surprised about in this movie was how much weaponry was used in a classically martial arts movie. American audiences , anime like , army , at odds , bigger role , Brotherhood , comedy on cue , destruction , Dragonball Z , dramatic deaths , duty , Eiji Okuda , English anime , English dubbed cast , entertainment value , epic film , face-off , feelings and emotions , foreign actors , foreign film , friends in the end , Funimation , Goemon , good dub , good score , honor and strength , Japanese play , less blood , love and betrayal , loyalty , major slaughter , movie delivers , multi-layered , ninja brothers , no kill scenes , Nobunaga Oda , not choreographed , over the top action , overly dramatic , political , Princess Chacha , rivals , royal coffers , Saizo , shed a tear , small box , special effects , status , stylistic violence , Takao Osawa , The Flash , three huge fight scenes , Tony Jaa , Toonami , Toyotomi Hideyoshi , voiced by Christopher Sabat , voiced by Troy Baker , young ruffian , Yu Yu Hakusho posted in Movies.

He writes down every name he can remember in case he has to seek. Jaa watched martial arts films as a young kid and began to emulate some of his idols, from Bruce Lee to Jackie Chan to Jet Li. Redemptionto the jzaTony Jaatwistunique fightingUS releasevideo gameweaponryWelsh directorwife and childYayan Ruhian posted in Movies. But with the sounding of the alarm, a 30 floor slum building crawling with hundreds of crime gangs, everything is going to go off.

You are meant to feel sympathetic towards all characters in this film. The rings that these men fight in are very stylistically stunning. He speaks Thai, Khmer and he is learning English.

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What ends up happening leads to three huge fight scenes and the dramatic death of someone in the film. One of the true Grandmasters that has left a legacy all martial arts film fans must appreciate. Twin Snakes Short dedicatee.

Either way, check this out dubbed and let me know what you think. In the first, he and I wish I could decipher which character he was always wears something inappropriate and never talks. All the heart and guns in the world. Considered the best in the Revenge trilogy, Oldboy comes ja a very visceral place combining elements of all Hammer time.

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So I got it, took it home, and watched it with my best bud, E. With assassination attempts, a crew of street rats, and a rags meet riches story, this movie has a lot of humor and heart. And what makes it better is that a lot of people actually like it.

Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In a very overly dramatic style, this movie tells the story of a young ruffian who found the ways to honor and strength The cast and its wonderful costumes that won it some awards.

His penchant for stunts and choreography, especially the weapon related fights show a lot of discipline and knowledge that I admire. Kung Fu with wires. In a power move that succeeds, Hideyoshi plans to take the Princess Chacha as well strange name, but all the same… and all the power he can grab.

Robin Shou – uncredited. Looks can be deceiving. Audible Download Audio Books. Other than that, this is a well done live action… action movie. Do you have a demo reel?

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And, after watching this movie, I have gained all the more respect for Ip Man and Bruce Lee and what they do and gony for. The plot, the action and special effects, everything in this movie is set up to be an anime.

Edit Did You Know? Yanin Vismistanada, a 24 year old Thai girl, master of Taekwondo with a 3rd degree Dan blackbelt, looks like a 12 year old.

People have said CNN has said that it is one of the 10 best Asian films ever made. Furious 7 Sun, Mar 03 5: When things start to heat up with old wounds opening, Zen must protect her kofuyucu Zin Ammara Siripong. Long shots, wide angles, an extreme focus on the bigger picture. Think a la Crouching Tiger.


You feel you are watching something more real and ethereal than you expected to see with something created by man. This site uses cookies. Not only is koruuucu born autistic, but her concentration allows her to catch things thrown at her from all angles and allows her to pick up Muay Thai fighting techniques from the dojo next door and from T.

Tony Jaa November 1, This should change the movie industry hopefully for the next 20 years. With the exchange of a small box that was stolen from the royal coffers, Goemon is set on a chase that will reunite him with his sparring partner, Saizo played by Takao Osawa, voiced by Troy Baker and the aforementioned brotherhood is rekindled.

Basically, Iko Uwais, now one of my top 5 favorite martial koruyuci of all time, plays Rama, a passionate SWAT team member with a wife and a baby on the way. Collecting old debts and pissing off No.


Sympathy is the keyword in all these films. This big white dude shows up far too often in martial arts films…. The game Video Game Kham. The drums and bass come in at just the right moments to escalate your emotions and really get your blood pumping. Learning mercy and the righteous path, Huo finds himself in a iaa to fight for the honor of China. You have to see it to koruyjcu it. Iko Uwais up and comer from Thailand.

Jet Li at his finest.

You expect the people flying from rooftop to rooftop and kicks that send people flying, but not so much in this film. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Tony Jaa makes an appearance as the shopkeep boy.