A quality tripod without the price tag? Forum Parent First Previous Next. See our Privacy Policy and. Thus, a smoothly-design leg to chassis transition can make a big difference in the pleasure of using a tripod. The only question is how much is some? For users wishing to change the original rubber feet to metal “all-terrain” spikes, a set of metal spikes are available separately.

Don’t like the force required to spread the legs? The right tripod head can make a huge difference in both your tripod use experience and in your results. Getting the camera right down on the ground can be ideal for some compositions and also for table-top work. These locks are spring-loaded and some can pinch your fingers its painful. Categories Show more about Second hand camera equipment Recently Added Second hand DSLR camera Second hand mirrorless camera Second hand compact camera Second hand medium format camera Second hand rangefinder camera Second hand camera lenses Second hand video camera Second hand flashguns Second hand printer Second hand photo studio equipment Second hand tripod Other second hand photography products Second hand drones. With the tripod retracted, vibrations always settle out much faster and in this case, they are gone in about 2 seconds. Are there other good alternatives I should consider? Especially when using a ball-style head usually my primary tripod head choice , the level of the tripod is often not important.

Some may argue that you only extend your tripod legs once when shooting and that speed is therefore not important and for some that may be the case. Whether you’ve grown tired of what vversa with your DSLR, or want to start photographing different subjects, a new lens is probably in order. Rdview is compared to the Gitzo GTT, which is the same folded size, but only 2. Weight does not matter much for studio-use tripods that are seldom carried for more than minute while multi-day backpackers live at the other end of the spectrum.

Fortunately, I have “loads” of trust in Really Right Stuff. Skimp here and nothing else matters. Thus, I’m interested in the chassis max width measurement. I am not familiar with any tripod sefies capacity rating regiew in existence tvc2-4 how much faith we put in this number is related to how high we regard the source specifying it.

Lower the leg and the lock snaps into place at each stop, again automatically. The right tripod head can make a huge difference in both your tripod use experience and in your results. The latter is a frequent occurrence for outdoor photography as well as those shooting from stairways, etc. Sam Carleton’s gear list: His love of travel and adventure have lead Rakesh to visit exotic and varied places, from cities such as Kiev and Ronda to wild places like the Serengeti, revoew Alaskan tundra, the Pampas of Patagonia, and even to lofty heights such as the summits of Mounts Kilimanjaro and Rainier.


Such grand places required a grand vision, so Rakesh began working with large format film cameras, which he continues to favor for his fine art stills.

Carbon fiber is my nearly-exclusive choice. Price and Value Cheap, low-quality tripods are usually a waste of money that will leave you disillusioned to what a tripod can do for you and will dissuade you from using it at all.

Really Right Stuff TVC-24 MK2 Versa Series 2 Tripod

Best cameras and lenses How photographers find models? Also substantially-sized is the CNC machined aluminum hook mounted under it. Fold the legs completely and you are done.

Spend some money to get something good! Aluminum dents and bends while carbon fiber breaks. What the Model Name Means Tripod manufacturers typically offer many different models and the model name often described how the model fits into the family. RRS does offer other options, including steel spikes and rock claws.

Features New twist locks with integrated wipers to keep particles out of the locking mechanism, providing better resistance to the elements New improved knurli Tripods come in all sizes, ranging from tiny tabletop models to super-high models that can require a tall step ladder to use.

The tripod must rest on something and we logically call that something ‘feet’.

With the ultra-high resolution of the current generation of digital cameras, a steady camera is more important than ever. The leg locks have robust knurled knobs that are very easy to grip, and it’s easy to tell when the legs are locked. Unless you are only going to use the tripod on a completely flat surface, typically a floor, you want a tripod model tc-24 independent leg spread.

The best camera bargains of Removing the hook eliminates that minor problem.

Important to me is that the leg sections do not rotate when unlocked, allowing any individual leg lock to be tightened before the others.

Here is a table comparing tc-24 current RRS tripod models: Here’s the one we recommend Perhaps the primary consideration for tripod legs is what they are constructed of, with aluminum and carbon fiber being the two most-common tcv-24.

What are the advantages of a carbon fiber tripod? I had the deal ready to share on the news page as I weakened. While a much heavier than stated capacity load can be placed on most quality-rated tripods, the amount of vibration experienced becomes too high. Another important aspect to tripod selection is reveiw section length along with the number of sections per leg.


With the tripod retracted, vibrations always settle out much faster and in this case, they are gone in about 2 seconds.

Continue loosening the locks until the tripod is fully retracted. Roughly, the number of leg sections times the length of the sections minus some overlap and plus the chassis tdipod determines the maximum height of the tripod.

Age old questions: Which tripod, (RRS) TVC-24 or Gitzo GT1542T?

After glueing it back in place, it holds the camera stable, but its platform has a significant amount of flex now, so getting a precise frame is quite a drag. Tagged under tripod three legged thing Really Right Stuff ballhead Fluid head.

While lever locks can be adjusted to seeries solidly against leg section retraction, that often means a very tight lever and a very loud snap upon tightening wildlife and quiet-venue photographers take note. I am 6’4″, so 1 lb won’t kill me the way it would if I were only 5’0″. This is a smart design that works great.

Geview are seemingly thousands of different tripod models vying for a place in your kit. Lately, in spite of continuing to make captivating still images with film and digital cameras, Rakesh has been applying his photographic skills to motion pictures. The joints and collar itself are constructed of lightweight anodized aluminium which, aside from lending inherent strength to the tripod, also provides it with natural wear and corrosion resistance.

Related items Manfrotto Nitrotech tripod: We’ve selected our favorite lenses for Canon DSLRs in several categories to make your decisions easier. Models having independent leg spread angle stops around the leg pivot axles play an important role in the tripod’s functionality.

Really Right Stuff TVCL Versa Series 2 Tripod

Photography, especially testing cameras and lenses, is my job and tripods are a crucial accessory for doing that job. Want to know how strong a tripod’s leg locks are? Each one of the three leg joints also feature a ratcheting angle stop that automatically locks into verwa as the legs are folded downward into “standard” position.