Characters on the show attribute and portray several different demographics found in New Zealand. Shortland Street has since made the minute episode an annual feature. As from Monday 27 September , it was shown on Living Loves from Retrieved 15 April Cold Feet is back Expect more tears and laughter as our favourite Mancunians make an emotional return for season 8. Retrieved 5 December

Views Read Edit View history. Expect more tears and laughter as our favourite Mancunians make an emotional return for season 8. Check date values in: During , one episode featured a cliffhanger featuring Chris Warner confronting his son Harry with a dick pic he found on his tablet computer. The show’s production department received several complaints following the lesbian love storyline involving Maia Jeffries and Jennifer Mason. Television in New Zealand:

The line “Please tell me that is not your penis! Retrieved from ” https: In Fiji, the show has been on air since screening weekdays on Fiji One usually around dsmand Archived from the original on 23 December In the first few years, the production was also assisted by New Zealand On Air.

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We’re rolling out closed captions to more shows every week OnDemand. After running through many name options, the original working-title was chosen and subsequently truncated to simply Shortland Street. Since many notable faces have appeared on the soap. Te Rongopai blows the whistle. Another early controversy was ddemand of a lesbian kiss between Meredith Fleming and Annie Flynn with several complaints made to the Broadcasting Standards Authority BSA but it went no further.


Archived from the original on 30 November shortladn Grampian Television also started the series in but it was dropped in late Episode PG Leanne’s spooked by a lingering presence. Programming the Nation p23 Auckland, N. Scenes aired in April sparked criticism when Leanne Miller and her daughter Nicole stated that the city of Tauranga was not “gay friendly”.

PG Te Rongopai has a secret admirer. PG Leanne is left epiodes in the cold. Retrieved 9 November Esther can’t escape how she feels.

Macmillan Publishers New Zealand. Chris Warner Though taking a 4-year break, Chris has featured in the show the longest of the current cast, outstaying all of his family, who either died or left. From MayBorder, Granada started shortlandd the series as a replacement for A Country Practicebroadcast in the afternoons, at the own piece, although did use the early-evening example.

However, Shortland Street failed to attract a significant audience in its new afternoon slot and it was axed completely by ITV and was last shown on 28 Augustfinishing at episode Episode PG Boyd loses big time. Te Rongopai’s hit with the truth. Tess of the D’Urbervilles. Titles, characters and all other elements are the trade marks and copyright of TVNZ or its licensors.


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Eventually the serial was moved to a lunchtime slot, — from 12 June and it remained here for over two years. Storylines and related topics. Episode PGC Dawn talks herself into a great job. Best of the U. PG Esther is moved to learn what is driving Hawks.

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Retrieved 25 February With high public interest in the show and a viewing figure of a constant , Shortland Street received more sets and the nursing uniform which was considered outdated was redone. New year, new contestants, new rules Retrieved 5 December Drew is wrongfully imprisoned. However four weeks into its run, the morning repeats were dropped by Living, and as of Monday 20 September moving from In the United Kingdom, the series was originally screened on various regions of the ITV network from to Dawn tries to salve her guilt.

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