Oscillating bw maternal scenes and romance… What was the point of all those hair clip scenes??? As you have asked, when the killer has run away why did MJ run to Rahat for refuge? God bless you, SZ, for telling us in the very beginning of your analysis that Wali dies. Unlike Minahil and Neelam and her mother if they were played by actors. In Typical numm fashion they pbblu decided to ignore the rest and used their own imagination to fill out the rest…lol. I am still not sure.

I perused thru the rest of your analysis with hopes for just 2 things: Were MJ and Alamgir married? The scenes after that….. Posting this comment on behalf on AK …. I watched the last episode because I thought if I like it then I will catch up on the rest of the episodes online. But having said all that i will miss our hillarious discussions..

Shayad kuch sabr aajae lol. You are commenting using your Twitter account. I am feeling so sad for you.

Ullu Baraye Farokht nahi Episode 8 Promo Hum Tv Drama

Did it have some hidden meaning that we completely missed?? Kahani apni jaga aur acting apni jaga…. Obviously a lot went wrong, but oh well, ab raat gayi baat gayi so no point in rehashing all that. What Other’s looking for?

Where have to send him now?? Looking forward to the real Numm story. I would also like to know about the story too. And to think, once faorkht a time I thought ZGH ending was too abrupt. AK haan ur right! Yay, more Numm comments! But I just finished watching Numm and I have too many random thoughts that need to be expressed somehow. What happenned to Q? Now tonight was a def chashme numm night!!


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Learn how your comment data is processed. She was not just a caretaker, but also a friend, a companion, and yes, I think also a lover. A thinking audience would be able to figure out that they were trying to punish BS for crimes that he did not start. To the extent that the director was in control at all, his vision really showed in the Wali and Mahjabeen scenes.

This was worse than the shock of the 9th episode with N returning right after the only best episode of Numm…Seriously Numm broke its own record of its worst episode ever.

Right till the very end. She was seeing FK im saleema.??? Where did he disappear in the end? For a moment i thought Wali played a scene part to get rid of BS and Neelam but alas that was not to be.

I rewound her scene twice to confirm that she actually had the temerity to ask Rahat to have Wali to come see her! Not an everyday occurrence but still does happen. That the serial did not pan out as we had hoped will always be a source prommo disappointment for me.

Aur manahil agar asal wali manahil hoti tou kiya dekhte hum…? SZ, I really want to dedicate this video to you!

Ullu Bara E Frokht Nahi Episode 19 Promo Hum Tv Drama Free Mp3 Download

Seriously wondering what happened to Qasim. And I hope we r not over Numm just yet. A big thank you also to the Numm FB page -good, bad or ugly, the FB page admins never shirked from posting the reviews. I think this drama was cut short as it was a total flop, the last episode was hatched together and that is why it was so disjointed and unsatisfying and left us with so many unanswered questions.


For heavens sake someone pls call or something!!! FA — haha what urdu clip is this? That empty pool is still haunting me lol. One more entrant in this forum varokht finished watching Numm all bcoz of our handsome hunk Fawad Khan.

Those two pretty much sum up the whole story…what a bad execution and waste of a really captivating story. About the Nummoona award…. When did he mention that? If someone knows the writer, even i desperately want to know about the relationship between the two. She was swaying as if singing a song in her heart thinking she will get to see Wali. I wonder episodw she will stay away to get higher studies forever.